YouTube Alternatives for Sports Fans

Even though YouTube is termed as the haven for all kinds of videos, sometimes this fact also turns against people. There are times when people like to see only a certain kind of videos on a channel. They do not want a general video website at all. And when you get a platform where only your related videos appear, how wonderful you will feel, right?

And that is why more niche websites are coming into play these days. It is no hidden fact that every niche is having a website today. But with videos, it is a little difficult to grasp. But that’s the fact. Even in case of videos, there are many websites that give niche content for users to enjoy.

And sports is one of those niche!

Sports is a very popular niche today. And hence, here we are going to talk about sports only. There are many sports fans who like to watch videos only related to sports. And with YouTube, that is definitely not possible. So what are the other alternatives to this? Let’s see.


Hotstar is a very popular website used by millions of students and youngsters, who do not have access to live tv. Here one can easily watch cricket or other sports live. Cricket Streaming is very popular on this website. But this is not just limited to cricket. One can watch TV shows, movies and news as well. The only difference is, that each segment has a different section. So no 2 genre of videos interfere with each other.


Roartube is another sports videos related website which is slowly becoming popular. It is a modern upcoming website which is increasingly gaining popularity among the youngsters and other Indians. If you are not yet familiar with this website, but still wish to watch separate sports videos, then definitely visit here.

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