Young Brothers Seeks Emergency Rate Increase to Facilitate Continued Interisland Service

PC: Courtesy Young Brothers.

On Friday night, Young Brothers filed a letter with the Public Utilities Commission to underscore the urgency of its pending request for an emergency rate increase by Aug. 17, 2020. Company representatives say the increase is needed so that the company may continue to provide its statewide interisland shipping services.

Jay Ana, President of Young Brothers, LLC said, “If the PUC does not issue a decision granting our motion, and we do not receive the necessary emergency rate relief or government funding, Young Brothers will be forced to take measures to cut operating costs like reducing service. This is emphatically not the outcome Young Brothers wants because it would be harmful to the people of Hawai‘i, to Young Brothers’ valued and highly skilled employees, and to Young Brothers’ 120-year legacy of service to the communities of Hawai‘i.”

Timeline & Background


Action / Milestone
Sept. 25, 2019Rate Case Filed with PUC
May 26, 2020YB Seeks Aid from the State of Hawai‘i to Avert Cash Shortfall 
May 29, 2020YB Files Contingency Plans for Continuity of Operations
June 1, 2020PUC Opens Investigatory Docket
June 14, 2020YB Presents at PUC Hearing re Financial Crisis
July 8, 2020Emergency Rate Increase Sought from PUC
Aug. 17, 2020Requested date for PUC decision on Emergency Rate Increase

Since July 2019, Young Brothers says it has filed more than 13,500 pages in support of its requests and has answered more than 375 requests for additional information from the Consumer Advocate and PUC.

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