Wyland Foundation Supports USA’s First Olympic Surf Team — at Tokyo Games

  • Marine life artist Wyland, with USA Olympic Surf Team member Carissa Moore, painted two surfboards to be auctioned to raise funds for the team that is competing at the upcoming Tokyo Games. Photo Courtesy: Wyland Foundation
  • Marine life artist Wyland paints two surfboards to be auctioned to raise funds for the first USA Olympic Surf Team. Photo Courtesy: Wyland Foundation

The Wyland Foundation will support the first USA Surf team at the Tokyo Olympics through fundraising merchandise and Wyland painted surfboards that will be auctioned.

The Wyland Foundation will be integrating the efforts to maintain healthy waterways and coasts into the 2021 National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation with an emphasis on the recreational role water plays in our lives.

“Just painted two surfboards for the US Olympic surf team,” said marine life artist Wyland, who has a gallery in Lahaina, in a statement. “I’m proud to be a US Olympic artist. Aloha!”

Wyland painted the commemorative USA Surfing boards at his North Shore studio near some of Hawaii’s most popular surf breaks. Two surfers from Hawaiʻi are on the team: four-time World Champion Carissa Moore and back-to-back world champion John John Florence.

For years, has rallied the support of mayors and cities nationwide to urge constituents to consider their environmental impact. The group works on educating constituents about clean water and conservation strategies. Thousands participate nationwide annually pledging to save billions of gallons of water.

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