Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports – Thieves target west Wichita neighborhood


Neighbors say enough is enough after a recent string of break-ins turned their quiet west Wichita neighborhood near 119th and Central upside down.

“Everybody goes to work and they bust their butt to earn money to get the things that they need and want in life and for someone to just come up on your property and get in your property, it makes you very mad,” said Mike Malone.

Mike Malone’s security cameras caught the suspects in action last week early Monday morning.

You can see a man and a woman making their way from home to home before stopping in Malone’s driveway. That’s where you see the woman steal everything out of Caden Riggs’ truck.

“I had a video game console taken out of my car,” said Riggs. “I had a laptop taken out of my car. I had a sling bag taken out of my car.”

Malone and other neighbors compared security pictures; they say it looks like the same woman terrorizing the area.

A few blocks away, thieves stole one of Mark Vittorini favorite tools, a laser measuring device.

“Unfortunately, I meant to lock my car but just didn’t get back to it,” Vittorini stated.

This isn’t the first time this year this west side neighborhood has been targeted.

A few months ago, Wichita police say over a dozen cars were broken into in one night.

Police stress that it’s important to take bags, electronics and other valuable items out of your car and never forget to lock it. They also want to send out a reminder to call them if you see anything suspicious.

Several neighbors, including Malone and Vittorini have filed police reports in hopes that the suspects are caught and the break-ins stop.

Police say they’re working to find the suspects but are in the beginning stages of their investigation.

If you have any information, give them a call. 

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