Wichita, Kansas News, Weather, Sports – Community rallies behind Reno Co. man hurt in farming accident


Dairy farmer Orville Miller is overwhelmed by the support that’s come in over the last seven days.

“Thank you to all of you who have sent us prayers,” he said. “It’s been a struggle just mentally to work through all this.”

It was last Tuesday when Orville’s son Brian was out planting wheat when something went terribly wrong and Brian was run over.

“It’s tough on a father’s heart to find that,” said Orville. “I won’t ever get that image out of my mind I don’t think.”

Brian suffered several broken ribs and severe damage to some of his internal organs. When he got to the hospital, doctors told his family he only had a ten percent chance at life. 

While Brian lay fighting for his life in ICU, his family stood by his side. But at the farm, the herd of cows needed to be fed and milked and the wheat still needed to be planted.

“We had a number of community members who offered to help,” said Brian’s cousin, Jeremy Chrystie. “We had a neighbor who offered to come combine our milo. We had another one who called me up and asked where our seed wheat was.”

Kids from an hour away came and fed the bucket calves and even adopted them temporarily for the Millers all to help keep the farm intact.

“It really is miracles after miracles,” said Brian’s wife, Amanda.

Amanda has been at Brian’s side constantly keeping friends and family updated on Facebook.

“It was like my worst nightmare, the worst feeling I ever had,” she said.

Doctors told his family Brian wouldn’t be able to breathe without a ventilator for months, but in typical Brian style, he was breathing on his own in just three days.

“He’s a fighter,” said Orville.  

Amanda says she’s “incredibly thankful.”

“I tend to be a very wordy person, and at this point, I don’t even seem to have enough words to say,” she added. “You can see what it’s doing for Brian.”

If you’d like to help Brian through his recovery, a fund has been set up for him at the First National bank in Hutchinson. You can also send all cards for Brian to Orville at 6400 W. Illinois Avenue Hutchinson, KS 67501. 

Photojournalist: KAKE Justin Young 

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