Why you need a Hispanic Marketing Strategy

There are currently 58.6 million Latinos in the U.S. and about 80% of them search online in Spanish. They prefer brands who speak to them in their native language. Latinos in the United States not only speak Spanish at home and in social settings—they also consider their language a vital part of their lives and special identity including their lives as consumers.  In recent times, Hispanics are more connected to their heritage, native language, and culture; therefore, brands who target Hispanics in their native language are favored over their competitors who don’t.

Why is this important for new home builders? The number of Hispanic owner households last year was over 7.4 million, grew by 320,000, and accounted for 40% of the total household growth in the U.S!  Even though overall home ownership rates in the year 2016 fell to a 51 year low, Hispanic home ownership has continued to increase for two consecutive years.

That’s not all—the future of Hispanic-owned homes looks even brighter. Hispanics will account for 52% of new homeowners between 2010 and 2030 and are projected to lead U.S household growth by adding 6 million additional households by the year 2024.

“El Contenido es Rey” – Content is King.  So what exactly are Hispanic home buyers looking for when browsing online?  The strategy to effective marketing to Hispanic home buyers starts with understanding their buying process. A huge 99% of Latino home buyers start their search for new homes online and 70% feel the content of the website should speak to them as Hispanics. If you want to stay relevant to the Hispanic home buyer you need to provide engaging and culturally relevant content when showcasing your new homes.

Mi casa es su casa – My house is your house! A sense of home is the tie that binds the Spanish community together.  You will win when you allow them to make themselves feel “at home” in your model, community, and website. Websites that use culturally diverse images, convey a sense of home and show respect to the Latino culture by speaking to them in their native tongue will earn the trust of this growing community of home buyers.

Bienvenido a tu barrio – Welcome to your neighborhood!  Make them feel welcome with strategic messaging which is not only language-based but speaks in their native tongue with “in-language” communication. Show that you understand them as an audience by using cultural acuity.

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