Why Social Media Marketing Is Important – Guide To Sarah Pulido

Welcome to a guide to Sarah Pulido who is the founder of Sweets Babe Inc. specializes in being the best in social media marketing. Social media marketing, the latest trend in the business arena has shown an auspicious rise, nowadays.

The modern world is going senile over it, and social media has exhibited a 100% greater lead to close rate than emerging marketing. According to study, there are mostly B2B 92% of marketers use social sites in some form or the other.

This is why Sarah Pulido and her team focusing more on using social media as a marketing tool. Founder Sarah started Sweets Babe Inc. as the sure shot way to you to grow your business & brand. Let’s check out some reasons stated by Sarah and her entire team why SMM is essential:


Why Social Media Marketing Is Important:

1. Increased Web Traffic:
Marketing your business through social media sites can drive targetted traffic. Making a fresh page on your site, landing pages, well placed social media posts can make all the difference. A single link on Reddit or limited engagements on Instagram (1+ million followers) can transform a page from a handful of consumers a day to hundreds. Who would not want to capitalize on that?

2. Boost SEO:
The advanced social media marketing by Sarah Pulido and her team can effectively boost the SEO of your site. Search engine crawlers understand which pages are systematically gaining traffic and which are merely floating out there, ignored & forgotten. Using social media posts to get traffic to your optimized pages will cause them to grow much faster in the SERPs.

3. Get your message across:
As consumers view Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as social networks, not for marketing machines, they are less possible to see what you post as marketing and will be more reasonable to hear what you have to say. This translates to higher web traffic when you link your site & post that market them as your friends & followers share what you have posted.

4. Targeting and retargeting with Ads:
The hugely customizable behavior of social media ads such as Facebook ads is one of the reasons social media is essential. These ads even allow you to target users through things such as location, industry, education level and even buying history & the pages they have liked. Also, you have to the choice to retarget the visitors and even convert then to solid leads & sales.



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