Who is an Expert at Marketing?

Innovative promotional ideas

Marketing tips from an Expert Marketer Terra Dawn

You know what an Expert is right? I have a quote from an email marketing Expert  Meera Kotham on my home page. She has just published her I think 4th book This one is the best!  Excellent work.

“I’m Not An Expert” I’ve bought them all. Why? because she knows her stuff.

Terra Dawn …. is a marketing Expert with 15 years in the business and has launched 3 successful and Profitable businesses with Multiple streams of recurring revenue.

Turn off your launches and little sprits of income  to a recurring, monthly PAYCHECK shift in thinking.

Interested in learning about how to create a recurring revenue in your own business through Memberships, Masterminds and even simple paid downloads?

Inside the courses, you get access to Videos, PDF’s and text to help you work through the course.

Wham! Bam! Business Plan!

Her group is known as Uncork Your Dork with a business membership named Wham! Bam! Business  Plan.  I am a member and also an affiliate for the membership site. (Affiliate link)

Create Email Campaigns that are compelling

Terra sends out great emails “Lots of good stuff coming
your way…and I don’t want you to miss it!”Wham Bam Membership
She invites friends, business partners and co-workers
to join — she has bonus training if we share.

For someone who would love a little predictability in their
online business!!

Ask for customer feedback
Honest responses the more you know the better you can serve your membership.

Post often on Social Media
To minimize the stress of social media updates, stick to one
or two channels. Also schedule your posts in advance with tools like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck

Offer Free Trials

Terra has a very BIG Mastermind coming up soon.

It’s FREE ! Starting Nov 1st. Go here to find out how to join. 

Predictable Profit Masterclass

Sometimes you need to give a little to earn a lot She offers free trial services or free sample products.

  • Master Class is FREE and it’s for:
    Entreprreneurs intersted in launching their first or second
    subscription renue product but may not be sure aboout what
    that product should be!
  • Online business owners who are SICK of the roller coaster
    product process, over and over.
  • Women who want to focus on their products, community and
    creation skills, instead of where their next penny is
    comming from!
  • Small business owners who miss having their 9-5..ONLY because
    the income was dependable.
  • Online business owners who Might have Shiny object syndrome
    creating product after unfocused product for their audience.

Supporting a cause
With strategy, ingenuity  and innovative promotional ideas businesses can flourish and expand their clientele. Supporting a cause is good for all.  I support Breast Cancer Research.


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