What’s Your Marketing Plan?

So, do you really have a marketing plan? Maybe you have a vision statement. And sometime, a few years ago, you hired a marketing consultant to write a marketing plan for you.

All that stuff is filed safely away. Maybe the plans are in a desk or a filing cabinet. But the bottom line is that it’s somewhere, where they are collecting dust.

That’s a big problem for you and your business, especially if you plan on selling your company. I’m not talking about a few documents you gave some lip service to a few years ago.

I’m talking about a true vision for your company. A grand plan for where the marketplace is headed, and how you’re poised to capitalize on it. You also need a marketing plan – the strategies and tactics that are going to help you achieve that goal.

These can’t be old documents filed away in your desk. These need to be living, breathing ideas and actions that guide your company.

You also need your team to know the plan, buy into it, and demonstrate a unified effort to make it  happen.

Remember, the past only matters to you. Your buyer is looking at the future. They want to see what your business can be, not necessarily what it has been. They also want to see that you’re marketing strategically. For example, no one account in your customer base should be greater than 15-20% of your business.

That type of strategic thinking needs to be apparent in both your vision and your marketing plans. You’ve got to be able to show them why you’re such a great investment for the future.

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