What Makes a Brilliant Marketing Team?

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The sheer number and variety of routes to market in the digital age means there’s significant pressure on marketing teams to always stay one step ahead of the curve.

The principles of marketing haven’t really changed, but the tools available to marketers and consumer behaviour are evolving at a rapid rate.

This begs the question: if you’re putting together a marketing team, what should you look for? What makes a brilliant marketing team in this exciting age?

We asked Slinky Managing Director, Scott Ledbury to give us his thoughts on this fascinating topic.

What roles should sit within a modern marketing team?

“There are potentially loads of roles you could put into a marketing team, but the key lies in defining those that are most important to your operation.”

“Most businesses will need someone who heads up the overall strategy, but you also need people who specialise in video, web, SEO, social and design. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to look either internally or remotely via agencies for these people.”

What personal qualities should people look for in a marketing team?

“It’s important for marketers to have a thirst to constantly learn about the ever-evolving marketing techniques, trends and technologies out there.”

“It’s also important to have an analytical mind and the desire to work collaboratively with other people (be they in-house or specialists at an external marketing agency).”

What influence do tools have on the marketing team, and what are some of the best?

“Tools are incredibly important. For instance, Twitter in particular is an essential tool because it can influence the direction of a campaign.”

“You have to be careful, though. A tool can sometimes dictate the idea of a campaign, rather than the campaign idea coming first from internal discussions and then utilising the tools available.”

Do 9-5 working hours still work for modern marketing teams?

“Generally, yes. Although business to consumer campaigns often benefit from out-of-hours execution or monitoring.”

What sort of training should you invest in for a marketing team?

“I’d advise attending marketing expos and conferences wherever you can, because they’re still relevant and provide great insight into forthcoming trends and technologies.”

“It’s also important to keep a dialogue going with various marketing agencies to learn from them. A video agency, for example, will be able to keep you up-to-speed with developments in that field that you’d otherwise miss.”

How important is automation?

“A lot of digital campaigns can be planned and set to run autonomously.”

“Social media is a good example, with tools like Hootsuite, but also email campaigns and website lead generation and processing are perfect candidates for automation.”

Is it best to look for multi-skilled people or those who specialise in one subject?

“A marketing director, manager or leader must have an overview of all areas of marketing techniques and technologies (including both traditional and digital methods).
That way, they’re in a much better position to manage more specialist members of staff to deliver a strong overall marketing strategy.”

What are the biggest mistakes made by marketing teams?

“Obsessing over the quantity of certain metrics (such as followers and video views), rather than the all-important, actual engagement and conversion rates. The latter is what contributes to the bottom line of a business, but it’s so easy for marketing teams to overlook this vital element.”

Are you ready to build you perfect marketing team?

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