What Is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp offers direct communication between customers and business representatives through short but helpful messages. By incorporating WhatsApp marketing into your marketing plan, you can respond swiftly to all the important queries of your loyal customers in no time.

Why WhatsApp Marketing is better than Other Marketing Mediums

WhatsApp has now become the favorite amongst the people because of its Quick services. People are more inclined to communicate via whatsapp rather than Facebook or emails. As of February 2016, it has a user base of one billion, which is making it the most popular medium of Messaging globally and eventually has also evolved as a great tool for marketing.

Whatsapp is an exclusively a cross-platform instant messaging mobile app enables users to exchange the text with another user. iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia are the operating systems which allow the application. To create an account it uses the phone number as the username which makes it a unique key & also governs the privacy. One must have Internet connectivity to send the multiple media to another user.

As soon as user’s account is created, Whatsapp software automatically compares the phone numbers of contact book with its central database and generates the Whatsapp users contact list.

Why Is WhatsApp Best for Marketing?

  • It became the top most used application these days; it currently has over 500 million users and a maximum number of them using it daily.
  • The main reason for its popularity is, it works on most of the mobile operating system (Android, iPhone, Window phone).
  • It has cut short the use of SMS text messages. Now a person only uses SMS for emergency or for authentication.
  • A report suggests that over 30 billion messages being sent every day on Whatsapp.
  • People are addicted to it; some even check their whatsapp 100 times a day.
  • No rocket science required to use it, very easy and quick.
  • The different version like WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp for Business are also available

WhatsApp for Business – The Best Tool for WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Business simply provides an app or platform for businesses to interact better with their customers by providing updates, support and basically the option to run their business off their mobile phones, on WhatsApp, instead of heading elsewhere online. In short, the customer will use the regular, WhatsApp app, while the business owner or manager uses the WhatsApp Business app to promote their business.

How to Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account?

  • If you already have a business number which is primarily used for WhatsApp, you will first need to back up your chat data to cloud storage.
  • To do this head to Chats> Chat backup> and then hit the ‘Back Up’ button. Ensure that the upload to the cloud is complete.
  • Next, download the app from the Google Play Store, install it and then launch it by tapping on the new WhatsApp Business icon on your smartphone’s home screen.
  • Once you open the app, you will first need to verify your business phone number. This will be the same number that you will as a business use to communicate with your customers.
  • Once your number is verified, you can choose to restore a previous chat associated with the mobile number. This would be the one you backed up in step 1.
  • Set your business name and then once in the chat area, tap on the menu button and head to Settings> Business settings> Profile. Out here you will get a variety of fields similar to a contact card and you can fill in all the details that you want to share with your customers.

Once you have done the above, the basic setup is complete. You can now start connecting with people from your contact list and use the messaging tools to stay in touch with them.

Why Use WhatsApp Business App for the SMEs and Start-Ups

Helps In Strengthening B2C Interaction

With the aid of Whatsapp mobile app, the business can interact with their consumers in a sophisticated way. Users can straight away contact the business are not required to keep visiting the” Contact Us” page for sending the queries.  They can have one to one communication in an easy way.

Aid in Business Promotion and Marketing

Whatsapp business app allows the business to market them in a better way. They can showcase their services and products amongst the users’ groups. Additionally, they can go with running the banners on other social sites as well, but when you are serving the vast user base already on the Whatsapp, probably the business is not required to try versatile publicity stunts for attracting the users.

Works in Chatbot Style

Now, this is something that will add to your overall business reputation. The users will be automatically delivered the greeting messages, whenever the request has been made. The away messages are also delivered to notify the business about the client status.

Authenticated and Secured

The closed pilot program enables the users to check the authenticity of the business. They can block the businesses or can report a spam in case of illegal activities. Thus, users are completely kept assured that they are communicating with a reliable business association.

So, these are some of the advantages delivered by the Whatsapp business app. Therefore, infusing the Whatsapp in the business can help to reap out revenues and at the same time, it serves as a broader platform for dealing with the clientele with just the right approach. Thus, the transformation that will strike in the business ecosystem is definitely the one to keep an eye on.

How Companies Get Benefited By Using Whatsapp Marketing


It is very well known that it is one of the fastest ways of communication.  Also, it provides so much ease and interesting features which make it an interesting way of communication too.

Seen Ratio (Opening ratio):

In a report, it has proved that the WhatsApp message has very high “seen ratio” as compared to emails (emails have relatively very low opening ratio). The smartphone user can miss out the traditional Text message but the chances of missing a WhatsApp message are almost nil (Not the WhatsApp marketing message).

How often user came:

The frequency of checking message on WhatsApp is very high, people with WhatsApp, at least, use it twice a day and maximum can go above 100.

Worthy communication:

According to a survey, the quality of communication or inquiry through Whatsapp is better than other mediums.

Perception of the consumer:

People find it easy and convenient to send a message via WhatsApp rather than calling or sending an email to a company.

Multiple media format support:

Whatsapp is exceeding the limitations which Traditional text messages have, it enables the user to use different media formats to send the message (Text, Images, Videos, vCards)

Track the status of the message (read or not):

The Bluetick feature of WhatsApp helps the sender to know whether the message opened and read or not. So it will be easy for businesses to make a statistic of how many people have read their message and how their promotional advertising messaging campaigns performed.

No DND restriction: 

With the broadcasting list, you can reach out to the people who are on the list of DND numbers.

No word limits:

In a Text message, if you reach a fixed limit of a word the very next word will be count in the second message, means you will be charged for two messages. In WhatsApp, no word limit criteria are enabled yet.

No Limitation on attachments:

Whatsapp has no limitation on the type of attachments.

Top WhatsApp Features in 2018

Facebook-owned chat platform WhatsApp has been quite active since the start of the year 2018 and has introduced a streak of new features for its users. Some of these features have already rolled out on the Android and iOS apps while the others are still in the process of development. Here is a list of such WhatsApp features which are on their way to make your experience on the app even more convenient.

Group Video Calling

Group Video Calling

This has certainly been the most hyped feature that is set to make its way to WhatsApp. WhatsApp had started to focus on providing its users with call-centric features for a year or two and since then, has introduced voice calling as well as video calling support on its Android and iOS app. Now, the company is set to take it a step forward and add ‘group video calling’ to enable its users to add multiple participants to an ongoing video call. As for its current status, the feature has been spotted in certain devices and it is believed that WhatsApp has started rolling out the update to some users.

Restrict Group

Restrict Group

As per this new feature which was first spotted in December last year, additional administrative rights are given to the group admins on WhatsApp. In Admin Settings, the administrator can restrict who can change the group info. Administrators can keep sharing media and chat as normal as they restrict other members. Once restricted, other members will simply have to read their messages and will not be able to respond. They will have to use the “Message Admin” button to post a message or share media with the group. The message will need to be approved by the administrator before going through to the rest of the group.

Facebook to WhatsApp Sharing

Facebook is reportedly testing a ‘Send to Whatsapp’ option, which allows an alternative way to message a post directly to someone. When Facebook users find something that may be of interest to others then click ‘share’ and get a drop-down menu of possible options: ‘Share’, ‘Share Now (Friends)’, ‘Send as a Message’, ‘Share on a Friend’s Timeline’, ‘Share to a Page’. And ‘Send to WhatsApp’ seems to be next. Several beta users have already received this feature on their Facebook app.

Through the feature, Facebook users will be able to share Facebook content with their contacts directly through WhatsApp.

Locked, Preview Voice Recordings

Locked, Preview Voice Recordings

WhatsApp rolled out a ‘Locked Recording’ feature in its latest update. As the name suggests, the feature will let users lock on an ongoing voice recording so as to avoid having to long press the record icon. In addition to this, a ‘Preview’ recording option might also make its way to the app which would allow users to preview their voice recordings before sending them across to contacts.

Sharing Live Location

Sharing Live Location

You often got a job in the field or frequently meeting with clients outside the office. New feature WhatsApp 2018 “Live Location” is certainly very useful, because You can share a location simultaneously monitor the journey of Your friends in real-time.

How to share your location quite easily, open the chat friend or to a group, then press options Location and select “Share Live Location”.  You can control who can track your location and set how long time, ranging from 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.

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