What is the recommended underwear for sports?

Underwear do sport

Have you ever heard someone say that they do not wear underwear to play sports? Far from being exhibitionism, underwear can be a garment to avoid to provide greater comfort in training. But is it hygienic? What is the most ideal underwear to exercise? We give you some tips so that you are not aware of your underpants or thong in the middle of your training.

Is it hygienic not to wear underwear?

It is not uncommon to do without underwear, but it is doubtful if this does not favor the risk of fungal infection or vaginosis. In addition to not being very hygienic for others.

Experts comment that fungi and bacteria grow in warm, humid places, so any extra moisture in the vaginal part favors the appearance of these microorganisms.
However, they also say that it is totally safe not to wear it when we do sports. Everything will depend on your preferences and what comfort you bring in the training. In the case of men, friction can end up hurting too much.

Pay attention to the clothing material

If you are a risk-taker who does not prefer to wear underwear, keep an eye on the fabric of the rest of your clothes. On occasion we have told you how important it is that your shirt or tights breathe moisture, especially if you do not wear underwear.
Most use cotton or lycra in sportswear, but, according to connoisseurs, bamboo fiber is a good choice. It is also important that the fabric is not too thin, so we will prevent the gym’s bacteria (saddle, machines, mats…) from crossing the clothes. For example, try not to use too thin meshes or very short pants.

In case you wear underwear, keep in mind the above tips as well. Ideally, wear briefs or breathable panties with cotton reinforcement to help perspire moisture during training.
It is not recommended at all to use polyester, lace or satin. It is not only because of its lack of breathability, but because of the irritation they can cause.

Change your underwear as soon as possible

It is not advice that we give you for possible smells, that too, but for the accumulation of moisture. If you are in a gym with a shower, take a bath as soon as possible (take your underwear or not). In case you can not shower immediately, take a change with you to change the clothes and reduce the humidity.

This advice should be applied with swimwear such as swimsuits and bikinis.

Avoid, if you can, wear thong

Despite being a very used garment to avoid having to be doing strange movements to get our underwear right, experts do not recommend its use when doing sports.
It is a garment that can cause friction and irritation, resulting in small cuts in the skin and favoring bacterial infections. The professionals say that it is better not to wear underwear than to wear a thong.

Its use can be dangerous in a certain way. If we have any bacteria such as E Coli, when training it is possible that it is transferred to the vagina or urethra and a serious infection occurs. It is rare, but it may be the case.

Do not panic! If you usually use them to train and have no problems, you do not have to stop carrying them. Yes, they are cotton.

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