What is Social Media Marketing / SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be explained as the process of increasing traffic to your website using social media sites.

Today we are going to explain in depth about Social Media Marketing. Lets continue…for example Facebook has status and share page options where you can share a message or business page link.

As explained above today i am going to explain one of the most important steps of digital marketing which is Social Media Marketing. 

We all are familiar with Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more but do you use them properly for promoting business? No… Believe me you don’t.

About Social Media

Many Social Media sites let us share images, links and short videos which is the best reason people can easily know about your business, if you use these benefits for marketing and share related content to your niche a good amount of traffic will visit your website. Depending on your website call to action you will get enquiries. In simple terms if your website passes the look feel test then you definitely will land a client/customer.

Simple steps to begin with Social Media Marketing:

  1. Create your business page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to begin with.
  2. Add your company/firm/busimess name to the pages.
  3. Add short and long description about what you do or what products you provide.
  4. Add your brand identity to each of these pages with a corresponding banner. Example we are an SEO agency in mumbai so we have added banners related to  Search Engine Optimization and SMM
  5. Get your business address on google maps i.e verify or Claim your business on google maps
  6. Get custom Url for all your social pages so your business name appears in google searches which match your business name.
  7. Create a google plus brand account which means a google business account.
  8. Add your website and social media page links to your google busimess page
  9. Send your social links to your friends with a short description of your business
  10. Share your case studies with good infographic and that’s it.

These are just the steps to begin your business on social media websites.

Apart from these steps you have many other ways to promote your website. Social Media sites like Facebook, twitter etc let you post ads which can help increase your traffic rate and sales depending on how the sales process has been setup.

Social Media Websites allow an individuals, businesses and many other organizations to interact and share there knowledge with others hereby creating a relationship which can further process out to generate some revenue. It also helps creative people to showcase their art in front of the world without any hesitation or fear, no doubts every persons view would differ but a platform is providing and everyone should use it 100%

The ability of internet to let you express your business, ideas, skills to the world. Social Media marketing campaigns are developed for each brand where their products or sales are promoted depending on their target audience.

Targeting your own niche is the best way to interact with people from the same stream / field of business which can help you explore more.

Social Media’s role for product / service sales

SMM for product sales has taken a high boom since facebook started the sponsored ad display in between your pages. The ads are designed in such a way to display you products which you have browsed on the internet. I call this ads the last search ads as they display products related to whatever you last searched for on a search engine.

One of the most important uses of social media in marketing can be the way a business can be displayed to someone interested in their products or services. Its like matchmaking for businesses to customers and vice versa.

Social media websites also provide us with technical visitor analytics. Here are

5 Metrics for social media marketing:

  1. Website reports
  2. Audience reached
  3. Customer response rate
  4. Visitors engaged and finally
  5. Return on Investment (ROI)

This steps help an individual or a company understand what people like about them and when do these likes convert of business factors. If used properly with a little bit of planning these steps can help you understand, achieve and improve your social media presence.

Being a digital marketing agency in Mumbai we always need to know whats best for a campaign. Each business needs a separate way for promotion on social sites. Here are

5 steps to a perfect online sales strategy 

  1. Find and know your target audience / potential customers
  2. Create a social strategy keeping their “likes-dislikes” in mind
  3. Create specific niche targeting content related to your product/ service
  4. Build your social community
  5. Connect this to your business

Why these steps? Its simple because these are what every business should do and its a complete template for online sales strategy. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself… Think of any business and apply the steps above to it. Voila! These steps are amazing.

If you are yet reading thanks a lot. Do share this with your friends, business partners, colleagues etc.

Does your business need Social Media Marketing?

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