What are the benefits of using email marketing services?

What are the benefits of using email marketing services?

Email marketing, in today’s day and age, is perhaps the most profitable medium of marketing and lead generation. Email marketing helps businesses in creating a deeper bond with the customer and get better results, than with traditional marketing strategies and techniques.

Even with the rise of social media, email marketing is still a preferred marketing strategy for a number of businesses. They rely on email marketing service providers to create effective marketing strategies at cost-effective rates. It is a proven fact that the customer is willing to hear from you, as they have shared their email with your company. The catch here is, what, when why and how many times are they willing to hear you out?

take up the responsibility to help your business add value to your services for the customers and vice-versa. Following are the benefits of investing time, effort and finances in Email marketing.

1.Interact with the target audience — What is better than reaching out to people who have shown interest in your products or services? Uninterested people may disregard traditional marketing like advertisements. However if periodical, value-filled, well-thought messages are sent to the target audience, chances of lead generation and sales increase exponentially. Email marketing makes it possible to segment the list according to age group, interests and location. When the messages are personalised, making the audience aware of things they would be interested in, conversion chances are higher. Whether you want to reach a global target audience or a hyper-local one, email marketing is the solution.

2.Brand awareness — The simplest way to let people know you exist is to pop on their email account. With a proper marketing strategy that is timely and targeted it becomes easy to make your customers aware of what the brand is all about. For instance, if there is a sale in your company, email messages informing the same along with the sale link encourages customers to act instantaneously. As emails are easy to share, present customers can easily share the message with others and help increase brand awareness/exposure.

3.Cost Effectiveness — The return on investment in email marketing makes it the first choice for many small, medium-sized and even large businesses. Traditional marketing methods like advertisements and printing are expensive and do not guarantee lead generation. Email marketing services in Dubai has low operational costs. They help develop engaging content and strategies to ensure good conversion rates.

4.Build a lasting bond with your customers — What would you prefer, a social media post or advertisement that treats everyone the same or an email that is addressed and customised to suit your needs? Personalised messages make the customer feel valued and thought of. They will then reciprocate this with your brand too. Customers want to engage and work with companies whose intentions they trust. By sending them informative and relevant messages, you build credibility for your brand.

5. Email marketing performance can be analysed — While traditional marketing techniques might provide estimated success results, email marketing makes performance analytics crystal clear. Email marketing services in UAE have access to certain software that allows you to track the emails. You get the accurate number of people who opened, read and responded to your mail.

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