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With Louisville grabbing four major targets to commit to the 2019 class a lot of damage has been done by Chris Mack, but he isn’t done yet.

Beginning this Friday the Cards host 2019 five-star, aka Big Hulk, Aidan Igiehon. This is a guy Chris Mack has been recruiting since he got the job a few months back.

I was able to chat with Igiehon tonight, he had a lot to say about Chris Mack and the Cards.

Weingarten: Chris Mack, what does he mean to you, thoughts on him?

Aidan: The first thing I noticed about Chris Mack is that he’s a winner. He turned a mediocre program into a top 10 program in the country. He’s a competitor. He has an underdog mentality which is something I also have. We both came from doubt, so I relate to his hunger and he relates to mine. When I and coach Mack talk on the phone he’s not telling me how great I am, he is coaching me up, telling me what I can get better at.. telling me what I NEED to get better at. You have to value that because he’s recruiting me but treating me as his own already, so as a player you value that. Also because he’s such a family guy you know he’s a guy that will always be in your corner, you know it goes deeper than basketball.

Weingarten: Thoughts on Mack going to Ireland to visit with your mom?

Aidan: Coach Mack going to Ireland was simply amazing not a lot of head coaches are willing to fly across the world to see your parents. For an international player like myself, it’s Important to do that and to continue to keep my mother in the recruiting process is a beautiful thing.

Weingarten: What has the pitch been from the rest of the 2019 class?

Aidan: Josh [Nickelberry] and the rest of the team have been pretty much recruiting me also. A group of great guys who just love the game like myself. They feel very confident with the group that they have, which they should. Josh always tells me he wants to play with me and so does Samuell. Jaelyn and I have also talked also. They do funny things on social media like commenting “Louisville” and stuff under posts. It’s all innocent fun stuff.

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