WebpageFX Earns Our Editor’s Choice Award™ for Performance-Based Web Marketing Services

TL; DR: As an expert in hyper-local digital marketing, WebpageFX takes a personal approach with its clients to customize solutions and maximize search optimization at a reasonable price. The company uses a variety of proven techniques as well as innovative and forward-thinking strategies to attract the most customers and conversions for its clients. WebpageFX also provides high-quality web design and content marketing services to enhance search rankings, making it a well-rounded service that allows companies to immediately boost ROI. For its results-driven search optimization strategies, WebpageFX has earned our Editor’s Choice Award™ for Performance-Based Web Marketing Services.

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy is important for most businesses, but in industries with razor-thin profit margins, they often mean the difference between success and failure. Restaurants have a yearly failure rate of about 27%, so it’s important to get the word out through proper marketing channels.

And if you need help, selecting a marketing company that won’t make margins even thinner by charging premium prices for necessary services is even more important. WebpageFX prides itself on providing customized SEO strategies that produce results at a reasonable price point and has helped many restaurants and retailers grow their businesses.

But digital marketing is just part of a more comprehensive approach. Bricco, an upscale Italian restaurant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, used WebpageFX to upgrade its customer experience and SEO through a new website. The overall design of the site was a big hit with the restaurant, as was the approach taken by WebpageFX.

Traffic to the Bricco website increased 53% year-over-year, and it saw online reservations go up an astounding 92.5% in only 30 days. Those kinds of results are commonplace with WebpageFX clients, and they come from a commitment to delivering tangible results for everyone — even the smallest of businesses.

Photo of WebpageFX Director of Business Development Trevin Shirey

WebpageFX Director of Business Development Trevin Shirey talked with us about the company’s commitment to clients.

WebpageFX knows what it is like to start small, as the company was founded in 1996 in a dorm room by Bill Craig. The company knows plenty about growth, too, and now has a team of over 130 employees working out of the historic Moffitt Mansion in Harrisburg. The past two decades have clearly been good to WebpageFX — because the company has been good to its clients.

“During the last 20 years, WebpageFX has remained dedicated to its core values of hard work, client satisfaction, and overdelivering results whenever possible,” said Trevin Shirey, Director of Business Development at WebpageFX.

For its commitment to those values and its customers’ needs, WebpageFX has earned our Editor’s Choice Award™ for Performance-Based Web Marketing Services.

If you listen to some of the customer stories on WebpageFX’s website, a common theme is a commitment to personalized service. Some WebpageFX clients were genuinely surprised to see such a high level of attentiveness from a digital marketing and web design firm.

One business owner, Nathan Shambaugh, of heating, air conditioning, and plumbing provider Home Climates, said what surprised him most about WebpageFX was that it felt like his company had gained an employee.

“You want to have somebody come in, learn your business, and understand exactly what you are trying to convey,” Nathan said. “Our account manager really feels like a part of our team.”

That personal touch can have a real impact on SEO campaigns, as WebpageFX learns about a company’s unique goals and value proposition that become the driving force behind its digital marketing plan. The WebpageFX process is also transparent, showing a business exactly where its money is going — from keyword optimization to analysis — and what results are produced.

Clients are often thrilled with the results, especially the 320 and counting that have provided testimonials, which the company says is more positive feedback than any other internet marketing agency in the United States.

“We retain more than 92% of those clients year-over-year — far more than the industry average of 50%,” Trevin told us. “And we consistently earn new clients through a combination of internet marketing, referrals, and word of mouth.”

The world of digital marketing, SEO, and rankings can be filled with impersonal and almost transactional interactions, but by focusing on the relationship with clients, WebpageFX delivers an improved experience compared with its competitors.

On a Mission to Ensure Value and Maximize Results

Another mission at WebpageFX is to provide value for users while still providing them with the highest level of service.

“WebpageFX sets itself apart by delivering outstanding results for clients at a lower-than-average cost,” Trevin said. “So for every dollar a client spends with us, we deliver more service than any other competitor we know. In short, we achieve more for much less.”

That value can be a major driver for newer, small businesses because they are often still working to become profitable. WebpageFX understands that and works with brands to maximize SEO, even providing guidance on local tools that can give them the most for their money.

Screenshot of WebpageFX success stories

Retailers have seen some stunning increases in many key categories after partnering with WebpageFX.

Local reviews on major websites can be a great way for companies to earn more customers, and restaurants have been especially successful in taking advantage of that strategy.

“Internet marketing is a goldmine for restaurants,” Trevin told us. “The proliferation of free local SEO outlets — Yelp, Google My Business, Yext, Manta, Yellow Pages, etc. — has given foodservice operators the chance to inflate their traditionally thin profit margins.”

Because all of those reviews are based on a restaurant’s physical address, when they are combined with a search engine’s local search algorithm, they show up more frequently in results on computers and mobile devices.

Using local SEO outlets as part of an overall strategy with WebpageFX produces tangible results for clients by increasing store traffic, site traffic, lead generation, and, ultimately, conversions. Many retailers are also looking for a comprehensive game plan, which is why WebpageFX also provides design and content production.

Content and Design Offerings Round Out a Solid Marketing Strategy

Because e-commerce and digital marketing are always evolving, strategies and technologies must be monitored and updated regularly. One way to update digital strategies is through a website redesign, but many brands view that prospect as burdensome — as well as expensive.

The team at WebpageFX makes the process more palatable by having its team of award-winning designers produce stunning websites for retailers. The designs are also functional on all devices and forward-compatible, meaning they are designed to be easily adapted to work on devices in the future.

Screenshot of WebpageFX website optimization

WebpageFX builds websites that are optimized for any device, and can even adapt to future device requirements.

The sites are also designed with SEO in mind, building in the ability to rank higher for keywords. And after a new website is rolled out, WebpageFX can boost its effectiveness even further through customized content marketing.

The content team at WebpageFX helps retailers become authorities through its curation of original content that increases a site’s ranking by gaining trust. In-depth content can be produced in a wide variety of formats, including informative blog posts, infographics, eBooks, and whitepapers.

Content packages also include social media marketing, which gets a brand directly in front of the consumer, reducing friction between a retailer and its target audience. WebpageFX is constantly working on what the next iteration of digital marketing will be, and while it effectively uses established techniques like search optimization, it is also driven by innovation.

What WebpageFX did for Bricco, increasing traffic by over 50% year-over-year to the restaurant’s website, it has also done for so many others. Delivering those results requires an in-depth knowledge of best practices for search optimization strategies, but also a commitment to stay on the cutting edge.

“Our expert team uses tried-and-true methods to establish our clients in their industries while simultaneously innovating and experimenting with new ideas to go above and beyond,” Trevin told us.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, retailers need to be looking to the future because one significant shift could be the difference between staying in business and shutting down. WebpageFX is focused on the future but is also well versed in the strategies that work.

For its ability to produce tangible results for businesses, WebpageFX has earned our Editor’s Choice Award™ for Performance-Based Web Marketing Services.

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