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Here at Sports Tracker, we’ve been blown away by our community’s ever-increasing passion for staying fitter and healthier. To celebrate this, and to give you an insight into the amazing ways you guys have rocked 2018, we thought it would be cool to share some facts and figures about your Sports Tracker year. 

So, let’s see what you’ve been up to!

5498 people tracked every day (330 times) in 2018.

Outdoor people are more active on weekends when gym people are most active on beginning of the week.

People do longer workouts (duration) on weekends than on week days.

Most active day of the week is Sunday.

Most active day of the year was Sunday May 6th.

Cyclists average distance is 19,162 km and time 74 min.

Walkers average distance is 4,743 km and time 64 min.

Runners average distance is 6,077 km and time 50 min.

Most marathon runs (more than 42 km) were done by Spanish, Americans and Brazilian people.

Top Marathon events by our runners

So, there you have it. Your Sports Tracker year in all its sweaty glory. We hope your 2019 is even happier and more active. Also remember that there are over 90 different sports where to choose so maybe in 2019 you will try out and track roller skating, horseback riding, gym, swimming, yoga, CrossFit, dancing, ball games like tennis, basketball, golf or soccer? We will give you the helping hand through the world’s first and best sports app, so lets do the year 2019 together!

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