WATCH: Imua Family Services Executive Director Speaks on History, Navigating Pandemic Challenges and the Future of the Organization

Dean Wong, executive director of Imua Family Services spoke to Jack Dugan, Pacific Media Group’s COO and Maui Now’s director about the history of the nonprofit organization, navigating the challenges brought on by the pandemic and its future.


According to Wong, Imua Family Services started in 1947 during the polio epidemic when the Hawaiian Islands were still a territory and not a US state.

“The organization started like many nonprofits do, they start where there is a need that is not being met in the community,” said Wong. “When there’s a gap for people’s needs, that’s often where a nonprofit begins and that was true for Imua Family Services – starting to help children suffering from the impacts of polio at the time.”

The Maui nonprofit is celebrating its 75th year anniversary during another challenging period – the COVID-19 pandemic – while continuing to serve the needs of Maui County’s families and children.

To learn more about Imua Family Services, watch the interview above and visit their website.

Imua Discovery Garden at the Yokouchi Estate.

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