Video Marketing Approaches That Boost Engagement

People have long been engrossed in the moving picture. The sensory experience of watching a video is entirely different from reading an article or listening to the radio. From catchy commercials to clips with animated graphics, it has proven to be a very effective way of capturing your audience’s attention while simultaneously getting your message across.

By now, it’s no secret that video is a powerful addition to your content marketing arsenal. Statistics from Wyzowl reveal that 63% of businesses are now consistently using videos in promotions, and out of those, 83% believe that it gives them a high ROI. The growth of video is so rapid that we are likely to see a future where video content is dominant in social media networks and websites.

Majority of businesses have experimented with the medium over the past couple of years, with some emerging successful while others remain a bit clueless. It’s getting more challenging to stand out from all the noise online, but the right strategy will help you come out at the top.

There are many tools and techniques for creating videos now, but all of them will have different purposes. That’s where the real secret lies in creating compelling video marketing content. Ask yourself the following questions when making your videos.

? What is your purpose? Will it be used to educate your consumers or sell the product/service?
? Who is your audience? Will you be talking to your potential first-time customers or loyal customers?
? What angle are you taking? Is this going to appeal to their intellect or their emotions?

In effect, knowing the proper approach and having a clear intent will transform each video you make to be targeted and useful. Below, you’ll learn 18 different forms of video content you can make for every stage of the buyer’s journey. You can view the original infographic here.

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