VCA Hawaii shares the importance of microchipping your pets

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Ever wondered why you should microchip your pets? HI Now host Rachel Pacarro speaks with VCA Hawaii about the benefits of microchipping.

Microchips are tiny radio transponders that help to identify a lost animal. Paxton Parker, hospital manager at VCA Hawaii, recommends that the chip be inserted during the animals spay/neuter procedure because the initial injection does cause some pain and discomfort. “It doesn’t contain a battery, it’s not a GPS tracker, it cannot help you locate your animal on a map,” says Parker. “The only information it contains is a serial number. That can be read and then they can go online and find the owner that way.”

Microchips also contribute to determination of ownership. “If there’s ever a dispute over whose animal it is, one of the things that they’ll look at to determine ownership will be that microchip registration, along with any receipts or records you might have,” says Parker. Therefore, it is important to register your animal with the online registry database and to keep that information up to date. Parker also want’s pet owners to know that microchips are not a substitute for a proper collar with identification tags. It is to be used as an added layer of protection for your animal.

A study of shelter animals in 2009 concluded that lost dogs with microchips were more than two times as likely to be returned to their owners than those without. In cats, that number increased to twenty times more likely. “It’s incredibly important to make sure your animal has a microchip,” says Parker. “They are safe, they’re affective, [and] they’re inexpensive.”

About VCA Hawaii:

VCA Hawaii strives to provide the very best in medical care, and the hospitals provide a full range of general, surgical and specialized care. This is how VCA Hawaii veterinarians would treat their own pets, and it offers nothing less than that to you and your pet. VCA Hawaii understands your pets are a big part of your family and will be there for you every step of the way when it comes to your pets’ health.

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