VCA Hawaii on the dangers of human food for your pets

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Generally, human foods are very hard on your animal’s body. Many people know that chocolate is a hazardous food for animals to eat, but did you know that foods or liquids with caffeine can lead to serious complications like seizures or heart arrhythmias? Grapes and raisins are highly toxic to your pet’s as they can cause kidney failure. The toxic dosage for grapes and raisins to become is still unknown, so it’s best to avoid consumption altogether. Onions and garlic are hard on animal’s blood cells, resulting in conditions like anemia. Local macadamia nuts can cause your pet to lose control of their hind legs. Luckily, recovery usually occurs without any problems.

If your pet consumes any large amount of human food, and you’re not too sure what it might have been, Dr. Zach Houghtaling at VCA Animal Hospital says its best to call them just to be safe. They’ll monitor your pet overnight to ensure they’re health and not in danger. If you see your pet consume something you know is toxic, Dr. Houghtaling says to call Animal Poison Control. “They’re best equipped to immediately look up the doses, whether or not its toxic, and whether you need to see a vet,” says he says.

VCA Family in Pearl City is operational 24 hours and has specialists ready to help your pets! VCA also has an online informational blog that discusses topics like food poisoning, nutrition, and pet health. For more information, please visit or call them today to make an appointment!


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