Various Differences between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

It’s been a while ago since the debate between traditional marketing and digital marketing has been splurged into the market. Each one of them has their own speciality and downside as well. As business is occupying the market like mushrooms, even the students either drop out of college or a school goer are also trying their fate in business.

But, first, understand the basic concept of traditional marketing and digital marketing before making any further move.

This situation leads to a big decision as which mode to opt for traditional or digital, for the advertisement of the business. Although these days digital marketing services is in boom and is proving great for business growth.


Traditional marketing, a conventional method of marketing since the time the concept of advertisement hit the marketing grounds. It’s safe to say that it is the basic method of the advertising world. There are various mode of traditional marketing. Few are as follows:

  1. Newspapers
  2. Radio
  3. Television
  4. Billboards advertising along roads and highways


Digital marketing is a revolution in the advertising world via the internet. In this system, advertising is delivered through digital channels such as SEO, SMM, email and many more. It provides the entrepreneur with a global platform to reach out to its customers.

Since not all the entrepreneur has handsome amount to manage all the expenses incurred by availing costly services of any SEO agency in Delhi or Gurgaon, their main motto is to get something which is “cheap and best”. And that is the point from where the battle starts! Let’s make it easier for the entrepreneur in their decision making by unveiling a few points of differences between the two advertisement procedures.

Following are the Points:-


Transactional costs include time, manpower and financial prospects. The entrepreneur always looks up to something which has less transactional cost.  When we talk about the traditional method of advertisement then we probably should keep the concept of transactional cost aside. It’s safer to say this because this method involves a good amount of time, manpower and not to forget money as well. But if we come to digital marketing, its way better and convenient than the first one.


Digital marketing provides a digital platform to the entrepreneur where they can have a direct contact with the customers. Customers on the other side have the privilege to give their feedback on the related products or services.

While the traditional method has no room for the contact with the customers. One can only post their advertisement through this method.


Digital marketing works through the internet and thus it gives the benefit to the entrepreneur to showcase their advertisement worldwide. While the traditional approach limits only to the local customer who can see the advertisement.


Digital marketing gives the result in a very short span of time as the customer reach through digital channels is wide. While the traditional way of advertising make their entrepreneur wait for a longer period of time for reaching out to the customer and showing the result.


Digital marketing offers the whole website to the entrepreneur to advertise their product and services. They need not shrink the size of the advertisement due to lack of the space. This helps to improve the image of the brand which is very important in any kind of business.

While the traditional approach offers limitation of space and offers a low frequency of advertisements which does not prove to be helpful to the entrepreneur.


Digital marketing helps to know how far their ads have been successful and which advertisement needs an improvement. This helps the entrepreneur to make suitable amendments and re-launch their advertisements. Traditional marketing has no such leniency of quick results. Once the advertisement has been showcased, there remains no chance of change. One has to go through the same procedure of advertisement once again.


With the help of digital marketing, it becomes easy to measure the marketing efforts. It provides the google analytics feature to keep track of people who have visited the site and how they are responding towards the ads. Keeping track of this information helps the entrepreneur to know about the needs and demands of a business successfully and efficiently.

While traditional marketing does not allow such leniency to keep a track of how well ads are being accepted by the customers.

We cannot oversee the importance of traditional marketing over digital marketing. It would be safer to say that both are two sides of a coin which works in parallel with each other. Even if digital marketing helps in saving time and money, one still need to give away brochures to the one who are interested.

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