Using Marketing Videos for Recruiting

A lot of times, when we embark on a mission of finding new talent for our company, we think that posting an attractive description on job boards and hiring a recruiting firm is enough to seal the deal. After all, there are always people looking to make a change or advance in their career, so it’s only a matter of time until the right candidate comes along, right? This is only partly true.

While a lot of people may be in the market for new roles, what will make them choose your company over the array of options available to them? If you’re looking to hire the best in the field, you need to show them what makes your company the one worth their time and consideration. You may be thinking that candidates will be persuaded by great conditions, salary increase, and great company culture, but many other companies can claim to have that. So after you post the job, and, you should also differentiate yourself by using marketing videos.

Why choose video over other forms of media?

The fact is that video is the most dominant form of media on the internet nowadays. Just look at these states to understand its power: YouTube has over a billion users, which is a third of the total internet users; Inserting a video on your landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more; over half of video content is viewed on mobile, and 92% of those who view views on mobile video also share with others.

In addition, an Ongig research has revealed that job seekers spent two minutes, 54 seconds on video job ads, while only giving text ads 55 seconds of their time. Video already plays a big part in the recruiting world with a, so it’s time to take advantage of its power, in both marketing your roles, and branding your company.

The benefits of usingmarketing videos

When you’re posting in job boards, and looking for recruiters for help – you’re limiting your talent search to a very specific audience. By creating videos, you are exposing your role and company to a whole new market, which may bring you the exact candidate you were looking for. First, the social media promotion will be much easier. Not only videos rank higher on most channels, they are also much easier to share, with just one click.

Second, having a video on your page will substantially improve your Google rankings, driving organic traffic to your careers section (as videos tend to appear first on searches). Third, it will help your website and ads become more accessible, and help convey the tone of the role and company culture. And finally, as we mentioned before, it can showcase a lot of aspects the texts simply cannot convey.

The different types of marketing videos

There are many ways you can showcase your company, and make a case for top talent to join it, even if they are not currently looking for a new role. Try and think outside of the traditional marketing videos, which traditionally show the office, with a voiceover and pictures of smiling people. For instance, you can define the company’s brand mission, by tracing back its history and plans for the future. This way, the candidate can envision themselves growing with the company.

You can also showcase the company’s culture to get the candidate excited, by including candid footage of meetings, staff outings, and even testimonials from employees or your leadership members. A video highlighting the company’s achievements can also work to its advantage in the recruiting process. On the more practical side, you can also create a video explaining the recruiting process, which many candidates will greatly appreciate. As long as the video is of high production quality, it can only play in your favor of finding the best talent for your company, for any current and future roles.

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