UPDATE 11-30-18** Kaiwahine Village 100% Truly Affordable Rental Project – THIRD TIME WAS THE CHARM! | Kihei Community Association | Maui, Hawaii

11/30/18 #kihei KCA wants to express our sincere appreciation to the T J Gomes Co and their hospitable manager Kawika at this project. We swung by to take a look and note progress early this afternoon from beyond the dust fence to snap a few pix, when Kawika walked off the site to offer some information. Then going beyond that, he took us for a safe tour in his huge truck for a first hand view of the very challenging work.

We often hear about the Kihei blue rock just below the surface, and the evidence was all around in huge piles. Just a few inches on earth cover rock in the entire plot. Looking at a very deep trench (see ladder descending in pic) exposed the rock on each side to clearly illustrate how challenging this work was for this team They had just set up the drill for the well and plan to begin that effort on Monday. So this very worthy project continues forward to help fill the big gap of much needed truly affordable rental housing in our area

Near the conclusion he said he had heard that Ikaka Ohana was working to do a similar project up in Lahaina, which we could confirm as we were told this by the provider. So good news for the westside as well.

Twice delayed by hurricanes that never hit Kihei, today it was all blue skies and happiness all around Kaiwahine

10/4/18 #kihei 

With Governor David Ige as a special guest, the site blessing kicked off just after 11:30 AM, even though land clearing and grubbing began over a week ago.

Kihei and perhaps all of Maui is looking forward to a really affordable rental housing project which will remain so at least this century while expecting move-ins by 2020.

The speeches were refreshingly brief, and we truly appreciate the kind words expressed for us by Council Member Kelly King and Ikaika Ohana President Doug Bigley.

The event was moderated by Big Island resident and Ikaika Ohana representative Delene Osorio with the support of King’s EAs Susan Foley and Kate Griffiths, as well as members of the Hawaii based general contractor, Moss.

Look for more in the Maui News.

9/28/18 Pictures below 

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