Two-time Olympian Eric Shoji makes healthy and delicious turkey burger

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Eric Shoji is a local, two-time Olympian athlete who plays for the United States of America in volleyball. He is considered one of the best Liberos in the world and is proud to have represented Hawaii and the country at the 2020 Summer Olympics. “There’s no better feeling to walk out there in the Team USA jersey,” says Eric. There is no professional volleyball league in the US, so Eric travels overseas to practice and keep his skills sharp. He is excited to be back home to share his amazing turkey burger recipe with HI Now!

This is a health and delicious burger that can easily be made with Kraft Heinz Singles and condiments! Start by placing learn turkey meat into a bowl. Add chopped spinach, diced onions, garlic salt, one egg, and a splash of Worcestershire sauce. Mix together well and form into patties. Place them onto a hot pan and cook until each side is nicely crusted. While the patties are searing, place your buns in another pan and toast until you see a golden brown color develop. Once the burgers are almost finished, place Kraft’s Single Cheese on the patty and wait until nicely melted. To assemble, place the patty on the toasted bun, add tomato, lettuce, and as much of Kraft’s Mayochup sauce as you want!

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