Try artisanal macadamia nut butters from Tiny Isle on Kauai

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If you’re looking to add a new flavor to recipes you’re trying at home, look no further than macadamia nut butters from Tiny Isle on Kauai! These artisanal products are perfect for spreading on toast, but you can also use them in recipes and even as a dressing for fruit salad! HI Now hosts Kanoe Gibson and Kainoa Carlson are in the kitchen with a closer look.

Tiny Isle is a family-owned business based on a small homestead on the island of Kauai. Their intention on the land is to work with nature to create a place of healing and sanctuary — and, of course, good food! Sourced only from family farms on Maui and Hawaii Island, these nuts are packed with flavor and nutrients for a tasty indulgence that nourishes your body and soul.

These specialty macadamia nut butters are made using all local ingredients. Tiny Isle is owned by husband and wife Roland Barker and Lisa Parker, and the company has been making its products on the island of Kauai for over 12 years. Tiny Isle’s macadamia nut butters and chocolate truffles are well-known and are available statewide in natural food and grocery stores.

In response to the loss of tourist customers in 2020, Tiny Isle introduced a new line of macadamia nut butters in a 12 ounce jar, but you can also try flavors that come in the 6.5 ounce jars.

Tiny Isle macadamia nut butters feature macadamia nuts grown on Maui and the Big Island and sea salt from Kona Sea Salt on Hawaii Island. Its new honey vanilla macadamia nut butter uses honey from Kauai produced by McPhees Bees, and the vanilla comes from Tiny Isle’s own vanilla farm, The Vanillery of Kauai.

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For more information:, Facebook: @TinyIsle, or on Instagram: @TinyIsleKauai

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