Trio of Fraser’s Dolphin Carcasses Found on O‘ahu South Shore

Fraser’s dolphin Credit: NOAA Fisheries /

Over the last two days, three carcasses of Fraser’s dolphins have washed ashore between Diamond Head and Waikīkī. State and federal marine officials are investigating the unusual occurrence.  

The DLNR Division of Aquatic Resources is warning ocean-goers to exercise caution in nearshore waters on the southern coastline of O‘ahu. One of the dolphins appeared to have shark bites. 

According to NOAA, the University of Hawai‘i Health and Stranding Lab will conduct post-mortem examinations, including the collection of tissues for laboratory analysis. 

Fraser’s dolphins are typically found in deep, tropical waters and it’s estimated there are approximately 10,000 in Hawaiian waters. 

Anyone encountering a live or deceased stranded marine mammal, is asked to call the NOAA Marine Wildlife Hotline at (888) 256-9840 or the DOCARE hotline at (808) 634-DLNR.   

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