Trial: Middle school shooting victim unable to play contact sports

It was revealed publicly Monday where the Noblesville West Middle School (Ind.) shooter, all of 13 years old, found the two handguns he brought to school May 25.

Those gathered for the juvenile court hearing in Hamilton Circuit Court also learned greater detail about the injuries sustained by the teacher and student who were shot that day. The courtroom gallery watched a video in which the boy warned of his coming deed, and learned from investigators about an online history littered with searches for other school shootings.

But while an abundance of new details were shared during the juvenile court hearing, some questions remain.

Prosecutors did not provide a motive for why the boy shot Jason Seaman, his science teacher, and Ella Whistler, a then-seventh-grade classmate. And the judge did not issue a disposition directing punishment for the boy, who formally admitted guilt Monday to 11 counts, including two for attempted murder.

Ella Whistler’s arm may never fully recover

Whistler, now in eighth grade, did not attend Monday’s hearing. Her mother, Julia Whistler, told the court why: “She does not want to see (the boy) ever again.”

The girl’s parents revealed the full extent of their daughter’s injuries for the court.

Whistler was at risk for a stroke and endured a six-hour surgery at Riley Hospital for Children after the shooting.

One gunshot wound also caused “severe damage” to an artery in her right arm, which her mom said needed to be replaced.

Whistler is still doing six hours of occupational and physical therapy a week, according to her mother.

Doctors said her arm may never fully recover, the parents said. Whistler cannot wash her own hair, and needs help buttoning her pants.

And Whistler — who was involved in volleyball, show choir, drama club, cheerleading and confirmation classes at her church — can no longer participate in contact sports, including volleyball.

Her father, Cory Whistler, responded to the shooter’s parents, who previously said they were committed to doing whatever was necessary to help their son.

He looked at the boy’s parents while saying: “I just wish that that level of commitment that’s there now was there before this happened.”

Cory Whistler is hoping the boy receives the ‘”maximum sentence,” he said.

Teacher Jason Seaman said he was shot as he bear-hugged suspect

Jason Seaman, a science teacher widely credited with halting the May 25 shooting at Noblesville West Middle School, provided new details about what happened in the classroom that day.

Jason Seaman (right) heads to court for the disposition hearing for the shooting suspect, at the Hamilton County Courthouse, Monday, Nov. 5, 2018. (Photo: Kelly Wilkinson/IndyStar)

Seaman testified during a court hearing for the 13-year-old suspect in Hamilton Circuit Court on Monday.

He was circling the room, answering students’ questions about a test when one of his students returned from the restroom. Seaman said he heard a knock at the door and nonverbally instructed another student to let the boy in.

As he helped a student, Seaman said he suddenly felt a pressure in his abdomen. He looked up and saw the returning student now pointing a gun in his direction.

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