Traveling the Road to Hana? Here’s what you should know.

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One of the must-do activities on any trip to Maui has always been the Road to Hana. It’s one of the most scenic stretches of highway on the islands, but navigating the tight roads, safety restrictions and parking problems can be a challenge. Napua Hueu is with the Hana Highway Regulation Community Outreach promoting regulations on the road in an ongoing effort to enhance visitor safety. She joined Host Kanoe Gibson for a trip along the famous highway.

The Hana Highway Regulation Community Outreach was borne of concern from Hueu, along with other Maui residents, who saw that the number of visitors along the Road to Hana increasing, however there was a significant lack of education about traveling the roadway. “Additionally, a few of my fellow commercial operators realized there was a rise in illegal tours much like the rise in illegal B&Bs in Hawaii, so we began collecting data to thoroughly assess the impacts,” said Hueu. “We have built out educational materials accordingly to help visitors safely travel the Hana Highway.

The Hana Highway Regulation Community Outreach has identified three top priorities when planning to embark on the Road to Hana.
1. Planning-  researching sites and attractions, pinpoint locations of interest and determining legal tour and experience providers to host.
2. Safety – clarifying whether an area is private property, determining your group’s physical abilities.
3. Park legally – park within a designated parking area or within the white traffic line and not protruding onto highway, facing the right flow of traffic.

Hueu recommendations:
1. VISIT: Pua’aka’a State Park, which is the only park with safe and ample parking, restrooms, established walking paths, stairs, hand railings that lead to an accessible waterfall.
2. DO NOT VISIT: The Bamboo Forest in Kailua (mm6.5) and the Red Sand Beach in Hana are both located on private property. They are the most dangerous trails in East Maui and warrant the most emergency rescues annually for Maui County. The Hana Highway Regulation Community Outreach ask visitors to please assist in protecting the public and our rescue personnel by avoiding these locations.

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