Tips and tricks from City Mill to fix your garbage disposal

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A common problem many face in the kitchen is the headache of a jammed or tripped garbage disposal. Along with disrupting your normal kitchen routine, a jammed disposal can lead to nasty sink clogs, bacterial growth, and even burning up the disposal motor — which can later burn a hole in your pocket! HI Now host Kainoa Carlson is with City Mill’s Randy Villaver to talk about some simple tips and tricks that can save you time and cash on professional help.

Before you fix a garbage disposal, you’ll need to determine if it’s stuck, tripped, or a combination of both. If it’s stuck, you’ll hear a low hum. If it’s tripped, you won’t hear anything. Sometimes if you keep trying to turn on a stuck disposal, it will trip as a safety feature.

Before doing anything, you’ll want to locate the switch that powers the disposal unit. It might be located on your wall, but you could also find it under the sink. Also be sure to make sure it’s off! If it was tripped, the disposal switch could still be on even if the disposal is not running. Disconnect the plug under the sink that powers the disposal if it’s wired in. At the main service panel, be sure to turn off the circuit breaker that powers the disposal circuit. Next, you’ll want to find and gently press the reset button located on the bottom of your disposal.

Sometimes all you need is a reset to get the machine back in working order. If that doesn’t work, every garbage disposal should come with a wrench included with purchase, but such a small tool can get lost. If you can’t seem to find it around the house, stop by City Mill!

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