Throwing A Business Awards Ceremony In Style

love to throw awards ceremonies annually, particularly if they’re large with many branches under their wing. There are many reasons as to why this is. To begin with, throwing a business awards ceremony allows the staff to feel celebrated, and their hard work to be recognized. It can help the real shining stars of your business stand out, become rewarded, and appreciated among their peers. It can also inspire your current staff to try and aim for more, to try and become their best within your firm also.

However, award ceremonies are quite artificial, and can seem relatively… ‘cringe’ to put it in colloquial terms. In order for your business to do it correctly, you’ll need to keep a few organizational musts in mind. These tips can help your business thrive in this celebratory mindset. Consider our advice for the best success:

Make It A Black Tie Affair

No matter how informal and friendly your usual working atmosphere is, making this event a black tie affair can allow the event to take on an air of formality and professionalism that really hammers it home as something to appreciate. But why stop here? You may call the affair a ‘gala’ or ‘ceremony,’ or perhaps hire an excellent catering company to take care of the nights refreshments. This is where the fun starts. You might decide to decorate the room with an award show aesthetic in mind, or perhaps even hire limousines to bring your management staff to the event. If you do, be sure to hire a reliable company such as FL-Limousine . This can ensure the event is one to watch, not just some simple words over a dinner out. This way, you have more fun.

Make The Awards Mean Something

Make the awards gain an air of significance. Have your staff nominate people who they think are worthwhile, and commit the final result to a vote from the top levels of your business. You might bundle a cash prize, a vacation or even a promotion to the mix depending on the level of prizes gained. Let’s say you have a position opening up soon to manage your entire sales team. It might be the person that managed to secure the most lucrative contracts this year should be considered heavily, and this reward can add weight to that.

Striking A Balance

Of course, strike a balance between professionalism and fun. Ensure that alcohol is served, but that it’s not a free bar. Ensure staff are seated appropriately. Maybe send a memo around for people to be on their best behaviour, as we all know what drunken antics can occur when the night moves on and the celebrations become frenzied. It might be that the award ceremony lasts the same time as the show and dinner, and then you encourage staff to find their own entertainment as you clean up.

With these tips, throwing a business ceremony in style will surely bring your team together, and reward them for all of their efforts.

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