The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Job Description

Your social media marketer is someone who wears many hats, so their job description is constantly adapting and changing to suit the current online market today.

Social media is essential to your marketing strategy, and the folks you hire for the job are tasked with some of the most important aspects to the growth of your company. At its core, social media is about people, relationships, conversations, and the technology that integrates them all together. Your social media manager is thus tasked with handling your brand’s online presence and ensuring that your business interacts with users in a way that garners more leads and acquires more sales. Click here to read about how to get employees involved in content sharing. 

The job description for your social media marketers can be extremely detailed and quite lengthy, but having at least a basic description setup can help to ensure that your marketer’s progress is tracked appropriately and that they’re held accountable. This can, in turn, help you to budget correctly for your marketer and social media efforts in general. Besides driving engagement, here are some of the biggest tasks that should be part of the ultimate social media marketing job description:

Create Content: Some brands actually pay for somebody to simply , and then their social media marketer is tasked with pushing that content out appropriately to reach the most users. If your marketer is part of the former, then be sure that the person you hire can craft content in a way that is engaging and that can be utilized by a variety of people, as this content will likely be used and reused by your employees. There are several aspects to content creation to keep in mind:

Convert Leads: Or at least have a for doing so. One of the biggest jobs of a social media marketer is turning leads to sales by converting fans/followers into actual customers via the use of social media.

Become a Marketing Analyst: There’s a lot of that will start funneling your way once you’ve set your marketing strategy in action. Your social media marketer is tasked with digging deep into this data, analyzing it, and drawing from it actionable insights that can be used to further your strategy. They should be willing to do a little risk-taking based on the data they see, setting goals that would typically be just out of reach while still achieving them.

Run Experiments, Present Data: This is part of being a marketing analyst, but your social media marketer should be able to run experiments on social media with your content and then present the results in an easy-to-understand format for the rest of the crew to use. Thus, strong presentation skills and intercommunication skills is a must.

Take Pulse of the Community: Social media is ever-changing, so your ultimate social media marketer should actually enjoy the changing environment and should also have their fingers on the pulse of the community. This will, in turn, help them better target your ideal market in the most appropriate ways. They should be hungry for information and should also be able to think in a global sense, exhibiting calmness in the face of calamity and stress (as we’ll all likely run into a negative viral campaign at some point in our brand’s existence).

Customer Service Representative: Remember, social media is about relationships, so your social media manager is your frontline for handling customer complaints and issues. Not only will your marketer need to reach out to users, but they’ll also need to resolve issues quickly and correctly, knowing when to pass on more complex questions to other staff members.

Facilitate the Community: In addition to engaging community members, your marketer should also facilitate conversations about your brand and be resourceful in their responses.

Your social media marketer is someone who wears many hats, so their job description is constantly adapting and changing to suit the current online market today. Learn more about some of the habits of the most successful marketers.

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