Tampa International Airport. MicKithern actually rescued Erby and her mother while deployed in Iraq, and Erby’s been waiting patiently in Florida for her loved one to arrive back home.  View Now

Hope For Paws learned about a kitten that had fallen down a 42-foot pipe in South Carolina, they hopped on a plane right away! After a very long process, they were able to rescue the cat, now named Jessie, by pulling him up with a catch pole! Jessie was tired and hungry, it took a few days to recover. But he was a very grateful cat once he was healthy again! Now, Jessie is safe and sound at his new forever home. View Now

Animal Aid Unlimited, India documents the incredible rescue of a pup struggling to stay above water at the bottom of a dirty well. View Now

Hope For Paws come across an abandoned pet. Little Viva the dog was left all alone to fend for herself around LAX international airport. She was so scared that her rescuers couldn’t even get close at first. It took a few days and a couple of traps to finally save Viva. Now she is with a foster family and waiting for her forever home. View Now

View Now

Oregon Zoo are finally making the long journey back to the Penguinarium, a whole 100-yard journey. The Humbolt Penguins had been staying in the polar bear habitat for about a month while their penguin pad was remodeled. No word on where the polar bears stayed during that month. Maybe a hotel? View Now

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