The Rise of Video Marketing

Though not the most obvious part of social media marketing, video production can help with solidifying your online presence and improving your business’ appeal. We at PIMedia often emphasize the importance of establishing a digital business identity through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, a convincing, user-friendly website, and a strong email marketing approach, and, depending on your industry, this may just be enough. However, video represents a natural step in the development of online marketing strategy and will only become more viable as the demand for visually appealing content increases.

Given the remarkable influence of platforms such as YouTube and Facebook on businesses and consumers, any doubt about the worth of simple, attractive visual media in the online era of marketing has been laid to rest. In the past several years, video marketing has become an invaluable part of SEO strategy, boosting rankings, click-through rates, sharing, conversion rates, and overall traffic. Video content is projected to account for more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019, which means the level of exposure for branded content will rise as a consequence. Moreover, video remains staggeringly popular across every technological platform; regardless of whether your audience prefers a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet when accessing the internet, a video is somewhere in their future. Wherever and whoever they may be, your potential consumers are going to take a look at a video or two every time they go online. YouTube has reported that mobile video consumption increases at a rate of 100% each year, while it is estimated that one-third of all time spent on the internet is devoted to watching videos. Just adding ten-to-fifteen second videos to your landing pages can raise your conversion rate—reportedly by up to 80%–and allow your business to make a greater impression on visitors. Of course, videos can be tailored to target certain audiences in the same way as posts and emails, but the prevalence and broad viewership of online video content ensures that your pool of potential customers is growing each day.

While video should not be the primary focus of your online outreach strategy, it can be integrated effectively if used in moderation. Well-placed, well-produced videos often lend a more professional appearance to your business and, as a result, leave visitors with a positive, enduring impression of your company and its services. 90% of internet customers report that product-related videos factor into their decision to purchase. Additionally, video marketing is no longer just the privilege of companies with extensive budgets and time to spare. Even without getting into analytical demographic targeting, multi-year campaigns, and costly production, you can bolster your company’s image. Facebook and “enhanced” Yelp business pages allow for banner/promotional videos, and the consumer preference for short, engaging material suggests that hiring an outside video production firm or using any equipment that is more advanced than a smartphone camera may not be necessary for you and your business. Videos that are 15 seconds in length or shorter are shared 37% more often than those that run between 30 and 60 seconds, and sometimes all it takes is a quick tour of your work space, a rundown of services/items, or interviews with customers and/or employees to hold the attention of users. Don’t rule out video marketing because of concerns over budget or experience, and make sure that you adopt a digital marketing strategy that can adapt to the needs of your industry and the behavior of online users.

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