The Plaza showcases residents’ artwork at Kahala Mall

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Taye Tashiro, a resident at The Plaza, says that art is about observing all the beauty around, and as you grow older, finding new things that capture your eye. No matter what it is, Tashiro says that there is beauty in everything. “There are some great works of art and you think ‘that doesn’t please my eye’, but it pleases somebodies eye. It touches the soul, and that’s what’s important I think.” Tashiro’s most popular piece at the art display is called Bamboo, a peaceful painting that beautifully shows the detailed intricacies of a bamboo tree.

The art show is a collaboration exhibit between the different Plaza communities throughout Hawaii. The Kahala Mall has given The Plaza the opportunity to showcase all the many talents of their residents. This week is National Assisted Living Week, and The Plaza wants to honor the residents, staff, families, and communities that work together with them. “Art and music is a way for them to express their creativity, it helps to stimulate their memory,” says Karen Halemano, Activity Director for The Plaza. “It brings back a lot of memories for them to reconnect to things they used to enjoy doing.”

Tashiro says that being able to share her art with others has made her the happiest person. The gallery will be up until September 20th along the Macy’s wall across from California Pizza Kitchen. If you want more information, please visit

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