The New Ways of Music Marketing

As a musician, almost nothing is quite as essential as getting your music out there and build a solid fan base of listeners. After all, what good does it do to have fantastic music to offer to the world, if nobody ever hears about it? The internet offers plenty of ways to make your art known to a wide audience. Instagram has just introduced its latest feature that can be particularly helpful to aspiring artists. Users are now able to add bits of music to their Instagram stories, which renders it a powerful tool to promote new songs and garner interest in someone’s work. If you’re looking to promote your music, here are some useful tips for you!

Show Presence on Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat have proven themselves successful marketing tools, if used the right way. Once you have set up your profile, you are free to use it to your heart’s content and share news, updates, tour dates and even new music with your subscribers. But be careful, overuse can work to your disadvantage. Remember that people’s social media feeds are already highly saturated with information, so ultra-long posts should be avoided.

Depending on your target audience, it can also be a good idea to concentrate on one or two channels, without limiting yourself to a single platform. Younger listeners may prefer Instagram or Snapchat with its emphasis on stories and pictures, whereas older generations generally lean more towards Twitter.

…and by “traditional” we mean newsletters and a well-designed homepage. Sure, social media posts seem easy and have the advantage of being (mostly) free of charge, while email campaigns and a professional website design usually require more resources. But if you think that this is reason enough to disregard them, you are mistaken. With the right kind of software, for instance, as it is offered by 1&1 here under “Email Marketing”, designing, scheduling and monitoring newsletter campaigns are fairly easy ways to promote your work. They allow you to cater valuable information on new releases, tours and the like to an already interested audience and can help you maintain a loyal and engaged fan base.

Furthermore, a professional website is not only the number one source where fans can find information about you, but can also increase your chances of playing bigger venues or landing better gigs.

Share Your Work On As Many Platforms As You Can

Allow people to listen to your work in order to get them hooked. On platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, or Bandcamp, you can share and sell your music and let listeners comment and weigh in their thoughts on individual songs.

If you are looking to expand your fan circle – and chances are that’s probably the case – you should also have a look at NoiseTrade. It is a platform where you can upload a song, offer it to people as a free download in exchange for their email address, and – voilà! – gain more subscribers who enjoy your music.

Apart from utilizing every new music marketing tool there is, also make sure to get around playing as much as you can and don’t underestimate the appeal that physical copies of music still possess. Vinyl records have since made their way back onto the shelves, and there is an increasing number of people who enjoy cassette tapes as if the 80s have never left them.


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