The Importance of Music in Marketing

The Role Music in Marketing

Music is what feelings sound like. A pretty good analogy, I must say.

Music evokes emotion and fosters connection. Similarly, when consumers are in buying mode, the deciding factor to purchase is also emotionally driven. So, it’s easy to see why music has a powerful role in advertising and content marketing.

You might associate music in marketing with TV ads. We all know the John Lewis adverts at Christmas. Every year social media goes wild with people talking about the latest ad. Why? Because it makes us feel a certain way. Their advertising agency nails the audio and visual combination every time and admittedly makes me feel humble, warm and sentimental – almost enough to want to buy a gift for someone I greatly dislike. Hey, I did say almost. The point is, it does make me feel all the right feelings to influence my buying decision.

The Role of Music in Content Marketing.

Everyone connects with music to some degree. It’s a language that transcends all nations and its people. It triggers the powerful recall of memories and experiences which makes us feel emotional about something. This greatly improves the chances of a consumer identifying with a product or service and why they need it.

The role of audio in marketing is often overlooked in the digital strategy of small to medium businesses. The truth is, you don’t need a huge tv advertising budget to get music into your campaigns. We are in a digital age where content is consumed in vast quantities daily, via a multitude of mediums. We are familiar with dynamic content, from simple video to gaming and virtual reality. Our senses are constantly being seduced by media. Now is definitely the time to work audio into your strategy and it’s easier than you think.

How You Can Use Music in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing– if you are creating a video for your brand, back it with a soundtrack. Even if it’s playing at a low level in the background behind other audio messaging, it’s subliminally serving a purpose.

Social Media Marketing – your social media campaigns can be music-driven. Even a still image with a text scroll can have music and is more likely to be liked and shared.

Your Website – brands such as nightclub venues, musicians and artists often use music on their websites to engage the user. This is the digital equivalent of a shop that plays music to draw in its customers and keep the browsing.

Artist Endorsements – why not get an unsigned band or emerging artist to endorse your brand and use their music? You are also helping to raise the profile of them as a brand too.

Just remember that when using music on your site that you haven’t produced yourself, you will need to get permission to use the music. This may mean getting approval from several places, including record labels, artists and composers.Alternatively, if you plan to use music regularly, you can get a blanket license from one of the official collective licensing organisations.

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