The Importance of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Over the years the term “integrated marketing” has come to mean many different things. Some used the term “360 branding,” while others called it “relationship marketing” or “one-to-one marketing.” While it meant so many different things to many different marketing campaigns, it adopted a broad spectrum of useful tactics but ultimately became helpful to no one because of its ambiguity.

But coming into the new year, agile ecommerce marketing agencies have optimized integrated marketing to modern standards and trends to be well-executed and high-performing. They’ve made it close to customers and keep marketing departments efficient in their roles. By understanding the power of personas, knowing your segment, creating smart content, and promoting it everywhere, you can build an effective integrated marketing campaign.

And it’s time to start getting comfortable with making it a part of your strategy.

Consider Customer Experience

What integrated marketing boils down to is an approach to creating a unified and seamless customer experience where they may interact with the brand. It comprises all marketing aspects like advertising, sales, promotions, P.R., social media, and direct marketing through channels, media, tactics, methods, and activities. The result is a unified, consistent marketing force centered on the customer.

Any ecommerce marketing agency will agree that this sounds like a smart reason to utilize integrated marketing campaigns. And building an integrated marketing campaign that’s adaptable, flexible, and responsive to market trends can be done by understanding buyer personas, knowing your market segments, creating smart content, and promoting it everywhere.

The Benefits

By integrating the tools described previously, you’ll be able to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum impact in your communications. Keeping your campaign integrated and promoting it everywhere (like having the same content in featured articles as in press releases), you reinforce the messages you convey as a single entity of a brand. So, with the many benefits of integrated marketing communications, you’ll see results.

You’ll also achieve creative consistency, reduced costs, and ideal customer preference for how they receive your communications. Utilizing this strategy will allow you the leverage to perform with a level of discipline and expertise, clean up your content marketing through synthesis, and be able to serve the entire customer lifecycle. Integrated marketing campaigns allow for marketing departments to achieve much more out of their teams when it’s aligned, systematic, and executed correctly.

Are your ecommerce marketing agencies familiar with integrated marketing? If you’re looking to hire a service, consider the benefits of integrated marketing in your strategy.

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