The best B2B social media marketing tools for 2019

Social media marketing is a vital channel for the B2B marketer, but it’s also very time-consuming. In this article, we look at why B2B social media marketing is so important and explore some of the tools that can help. 

The B2B buyer journey is information hungry. A procurement team can spend months researching and preparing a short list of vendors. That shortlist could be drawn up without even speaking to the vendors directly. Even in small B2B purchases, the buyer will take the time to make the right decision. Social media is a valuable resource for B2B buyers doing research; in fact, research shows 84% of B2B executives use social media to inform purchasing decisions (MarketingProfs). This means having the right B2B social media marketing tools is vital for harnessing the power of social in your business.

B2B buyer research on social can take the form of reading content that is being shared by the vendors, engaging the vendors directly with questions and beyond that seeing how prospective vendors deal with existing customers. Increasingly end users seek support through social channels, this makes social media the ideal spectator sport for potential buyers who want to observe what questions are asked and how vendors deal with them.

In B2B sales and marketing, you have a role to play in social media. Everyone in a B2B organisation is also a de facto social media marketer. Transparency of social media means that every post, every comment, like and repost is visible and has the potential to have positive as well as negative consequences.

As a B2B marketer you have a big task at hand and having the right social media marketing toolkit will give you a distinct advantage. Having the most expensive tools at your disposal doesn’t mean you have the right tools, because often the most costly tools add a level of complexity that you don’t need. It’s often far better to be clear about your requirements and find the best tools to fill that need. For example, if you need an automated email marketing tool, ConvertKit could be a better investment than Eloqua.

What do you need to think about in B2B social media marketing?

As a B2B business wanting to leverage social media to your advantage what do you need to do and are there tools that can help save you time and improve results?

B2B social media marketing tools for success

Social media marketing tools that will help you find content and topics that are already engaging your audience.

Social media marketing tools that will help you repurpose content for different social channels.

Social media marketing tools that will help you schedule content.

If you’re using social media marketing for lead generation (and you should) then you need to create great looking landing pages fast.

There you have it. Our roundup of tools that you need to have at your disposal. Social media is a vast arena. There is plenty more you will need to cover and hundreds of tools for you to consider. These tools will help you become more confident in B2B social media marketing and best of all they all come with either a free plan or a free trial. It’s time to fill your marketing and sales funnel with prospects from social media.

Remember, if you need help with your B2B social media marketing, here a FullerFunnels we can build you a bespoke B2B social media marketing proposal for free.

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