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As long as there have been kids playing team sports, there have been moms bringing snacks to the games. I’m sure at one point, some caveman coach passed around a rock and chisel to a group of moms to sign-up for snack duty.

When I was growing up, whichever mom was in charge cut up oranges and brought them in a big bowl to share. I dare you to picture that nostalgic scene and not think about all those sweaty, sticky, little hands reaching into that bowl after a long hot game. Mmmmm.

I’ve seen crazier things than communal oranges brought to my kids’ games, though. One season, it was the norm for parents to bring a package of cookies, a candy-bar-like granola bar, and a large sugary sports drink for each child. At least communal oranges seem like a better idea than a sugar-coma! Sometimes one parent sets a trend unknowingly in the wrong direction, but I think it is possible to reset things in the right direction if you’re willing to take a chance. I decided to rock the boat with healthy-but-yummy snacks, something that would help the kids feel good after their hard work, and I actually had parents thank me. Like, walk up to me and thank me!

At this point, I have team snacks down to a science and confidently rock my team snack packs. With four kids in sports, I feel like I’m bringing snacks to someone’s game every weekend. The kids are always happy and so are the parents. I use the inspiration from my own childhood and always include a fresh fruit. Oranges are my favorite, but I add grapes or strawberries a lot too.

Let me show you the way.

I made these snack packs extra special because Marvel Avengers!!! I used that I got at Walmart . The kids were excited right away by the sight of them. I think the Marvel Avengers design adds so much fun for the kids and they’ll enjoy their snacks even more.

What you need for a dozen snack packs:

  • Ziploc® brand Quart Bags
  • Ziploc® brand Sandwich Bags
  • 12 small water bottles
  • 6 oranges
  • 1 big bag pretzels (there will be leftovers)

I fill half the sandwich bags with pretzels, or partially fill them, because these bags hold a lot of pretzels. Then, I cut the oranges in half, then each half into 8 parts. I put 8 pieces (half an orange) into a sandwich bag.

Let’s make this even easier

It is a rookie mistake to pass out one thing at a time to each child, because imagine a swarm of kids taking over you after a game to get to their snacks. It is hard to make sure each child got one of everything and that some kids didn’t walk away with half the bags of oranges. I create little packs of all the snacks to make handing out super easy. My kids usually pass it out to their teammates because they love doing it, which makes things even easier for me.

To make the packs, I put both of the sandwich bags inside of the quart bags, with the cool Marvel Avenger designs facing out. I slip a small water bottle in between them and seal it up. I make ahead the night before and keep all the bags in the fridge until it is time to head to the game.

Twelve team snack packs ready to go. Mom for the win!

And in case you’re curious, we love Ziploc® brand bags so much that I’ve dedicated an entire kitchen drawer to them for the past two houses. This drawer is so awesome when getting lunches ready!


Do you have any sports-mom tricks to pass on? How would you use these super fun bags?

See @MarvelStudios @Avengers #InfinityWar now.

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