Take a tour of Central Pacific Bank’s new flagship branch in downtown Honolulu

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Over a year ago, Central Pacific Bank took on its RISE2020 initiative, an investment and commitment to stay at the forefront of the changing needs of its customers across digital banking solutions, ATM networks, and a modernized branch experience. That initiative resulted in a state-of-the art, reimagined banking experience in the gateway to downtown Honolulu, and the new flagship branch will celebrate its grand opening on January 26, 2021. HI Now host Kanoe Gibson is taking you inside for a closer look.

The main branch features a welcoming, open concept, while adhering to social distancing protocols. Visitors will enjoy a beautifully engineered art piece that replicates the sounds of Oahu’s North Shore. In addition to a co-working space called Tidepools@CPB, there is also a Starbucks for your morning boost and Aloha Beer for a light lunch and pau hana. And of course, the CPB staff are always there to help with any of your banking needs.

“The biggest change for our customers will be the open concept banking look and feel once they enter the main branch,” says Senior Vice President of Branch Banking Rachel Cunningham. “Upon entrance, they’ll be greeted by Kai nu’u o Kanaloa, or better known as Kai, our newest art piece located in our lobby. Everything that our customers have come to know and love about who we are and our customer-centric approach to banking will not change, only enhanced by our main branch’s new look and feel.”

This Kai art piece is an installation of rainsticks that are computer programmed to move to ocean waves, including the surf of Oahu’s North Shore. The name, which means “The Rising Tide of Kanaloa” honors Hawai’i’s culture. “Kai,” the ocean, rises to “nu’u” the peak with Kanaloa. The god of the sea and tides can be heard and seen with every rise and fall of the waves.

“New life blends with the old, and like the seas, Central Pacific Bank’s voyaging spirit continues to live on,” says Cunningham.

A fun fact: Kai and the names of CPB’s co-working meeting rooms are also ocean-themed and tie together.

Other than the new open concept look and feel, banking remain the same at the new flagship branch.

“From the tellers our customers have come to know so well to our consultant officers and managers, we are excited to welcome our customers to the newly imagined space!” Cunningham says. “Of course, while they’re here, they should also check out the new co-working space, Tidepools@CPB, grab some light bites at Aloha Beer, or if they’re on the run, a grab-n-go offering from Starbucks Pickup.”

For more information:, Facebook: @CentralPacificBank, Instagram: @cpb.hawaii, or on Twitter: @CPBHawaii

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