Surrogate shares her story of giving new parents the ultimate gift

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Surrogacy can be one of the greatest gifts for couples who are looking to start their own family. HI Now host Kainoa Carlson spoke to Ashley Bolger, a gestational surrogate at Hawaii Surrogacy Center, about why she decided to help make dreams come true for families.

Becoming a surrogate was something Bolger had thought about doing since she was in her early 20’s, but at the time, she says she was too immature to appreciate what she would be giving to a family.

“Once my own family was complete, I thought it would be an amazing experience,” she says. “I did this to give a family the opportunity to have a beautiful child in their life. I’ve had my own, and I want to give back to others.”

Bolger says working with an agency like Hawaii Surrogacy was very important since she was a first-time surrogate.

“Hawaii Surrogacy was amazing and supported me throughout the journey,” she says. “They matched me with my Intended Parents, handled all the legal paperwork and financials, coordinated with the fertility clinic and OB, and were there for me at the hospital when I delivered.”

In October 2020, Bolger delivered a little boy to her Intended Parents. Now, she has a lifelong relationship with the family.

“We stay in contact, and I get pictures and updates,” she adds. “For my own family, with me not having a corporate job, being a stay-at-home mom, and just starting my business, the compensation I received also blessed us on our journey of becoming debt free! Personally, this has been one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done!”

To others who are considering becoming a surrogate, Bolger says do your research and make sure you’re working with an experienced agency like Hawaii Surrogacy.

“Being a surrogate is such an incredible, life-changing experience and something I hope other women will consider,” she says.

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