Surfboard Factory: Helping you find the right board

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Surf — born in the islands and one of Hawaii’s favorite pastimes — so much so, that boards are flying off the shelves at places like The Surfboard Factory Hawaii.

The Surfboard Factory Hawaii started in 2002 as a wholesale surfboard manufacturer for local surf shops. After many inquiries to sell directly to the consumer, it decided to open to the public. Eventually, its direct sales exceeded its manufacturing business, and owner Dennis Kirk expanded its business to a new location in Kapolei.

“We give tours of our factory now. Everything’s air conditioned, so we just made it a comfortable environment for surfers to shop,” says Kirk.

Surfboard Factory’s new showroom houses the largest inventory of boards in Hawaii. With thousands of boards, it carries everything from shortboards to longboards to SUPs. It especially prides itself for supporting local shapers who may have otherwise had a difficult time breaking into the business. For those customers who may be seeking a better value, the factory also imports boards for a better price point. It also supports local artists whose artwork is based on the ocean including Colleen Wilcox, Heather Brown, and Eduardo Bolioli.

Like most Hawaii businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic shook the surf industry — but not in the way many may have expected.

“This year started off really scary for us. Nobody knew what was going on, but this has turned out to be one of our best years ever,” says Kirk.

With much of the state under restrictions, surfing quickly became a recreation that many people residents adopted so they could remain active and enjoy the outdoors.

“I did not see it coming. And it’s not just us– skateboards, bicycles, home workout equipment– it’s all selling well. The factories are backed up and are having a hard time keeping up. It doesn’t feel right that some of us are doing so well while others are struggling, so I just really help they come back really strong next year,” says Kirk.

The Surfboard Factory Hawaii is open Monday through Saturday and closed on Sundays.

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