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Even though Instagram launched its Business accounts back in 2016, we still get the question “Should I convert my page to a Business profile?”. One of the largest barriers to entry we have heard is that businesses are afraid that converting will impact their page.

But through Shareablee’s analysis, we found that on average, Business pages drove 91% of Total Actions across Industries. Publishers utilizing Instagram Business saw 26x more engagement than Non-Business pages.

In addition to getting more engagement on your content, here are some other benefits you’ll receive when converting to an Instagram Business account.

Get access to Instagram Insights

Instagram Business accounts provide additional details past likes and comments. With a Business account, you’ll gain access to advance metrics like Impressions, Reach, Video Views, and audience data to better understand your pages’ performance on the platform.

Instagram Business accounts are able to gain access to:

  • Real-time metrics on organic & promoted posts
  • Finally get insights into your Instagram Stories
  • Get insights into your Instagram followers and their engagement with your content

Run advertising directly through the Instagram app

Without being a business account, all ads need to be run through Facebook Ads Manager. But with being a Business account, you can easily promote and make Instagram Ads directly through the Instagram app and get real-time Insights into the paid performance.

Let your customers find you

Instagram Business accounts make it easier for your customers to find you by giving you the ability to add information like your location, phone number, and business hours directly to your account. Now instead of having to search, users can simply tap the “Call” button to reach your company.

Get noticed in the feed

Some fear of converting comes from businesses thinking that converting will lead them to see lower reach & engagement, but this is absolutely not true. Converting to a business account does not impact your ability to be seen in the timeline and with the advance insights, you’ll have a better insight into how to improve your content’s performance.

What do you need to do?

“I already have an Instagram Business Page or Pages, and I’ve authenticated Shareablee”

You don’t have anything to do! But please do give us feedback on the new Instagram Analytics dataset including Stories and Video Views, we’d love to hear from you.

“I already have an Instagram Business Page but I haven’t authenticated Shareablee”

If you haven’t authenticated your Instagram Business pages, you can authenticate your pages within your Shareablee Settings. Authenticating your pages means that you’ll have access to your data faster and you’ll have access to our new Instagram Insights export, which will aggregate public & private insights for all your Instagram pages for easy reporting.

“I don’t have an Instagram Business Page/I’m not sure if I do or if I don’t have a Business Page”

Some brands and publishers have not yet converted to Instagram Business Accounts and aren’t receiving the benefits. If you have not converted into a Business Account, you can find the steps to do so .

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