Study: Mākena, Maui Among Top Relaxing Locations for Ambient Sound




    Maui’s Mākena Beach is ranked number nine on a list of 50 locations on the interactive Unify Cosmos website, featuring ambient sounds from relaxing sites around the world.

    The site gathered the list of the most in-demand destinations Americans are looking to escape to post lockdown, and presented a new way to visit the destination through sound.

    “Some psychologists argue that taking the time to stop and listen to the natural sounds of your surroundings can boost well-being, increase generosity, and enhance life satisfaction – therefore a moment that deserves to be savoured… sounds like these can calm the senses, and have been a huge trend in recent years,” according to the website.

    Since travelling to these locations isn’t easy right now, the site offers a sound experience from the comfort of your couch.

    The top 10 MOST relaxing locations in the world 

    LocationUS Search Volume* 
    1Yosemite, California, USA519,000
    2Onda Beach, Dominican Republic138,000
    3Jökulsárlón, Iceland79,000
    4Aegean Islands, Greece30,000
    5The Boundary Waters, Minnesota, USA25,600
    6Siargao Island Beach, Phillippines22,800
    7Mount Fuji, Japan17,200
    8Nova Scotia Shores, Canada16,800
    9Makena Beach, Maui, Hawaii14,300
    10Tatra Mountains, Poland14,200

    Yosemite, California comes in at number one as THE most relaxing place in the world, according to the study, which used search volume data to find the most searched for relaxing spots.  The website created a soundboard of the 50 calming sounds to help escape the day for a moment or two.

    Unify Cosmos is a personal development and spiritual growth website helping users find ways to relax and find inner peace.

    *Yearly search volumes.

    1. Yosemite, California, USA. PC: Sam Forrest on Unsplash

    2. Onda Beach, Dominican Republic. PC: Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license via Pxhere

    3. Jökulsárlón, Iceland. PC: Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

    4. Aegean Islands, Greece. PC: Photo by Razvan Dumitrasconiu on Unsplash

    6. Siargao Island Beach, Phillippines. PC: Photo by Giuliano Gabella on Unsplash

    7. Mount Fuji, Japan. PC: Photo by Max Bender on Unsplash

    8. Nova Scotia Shores, Canada. PC: Photo by L J on Unsplash

    9. Mākena Beach, Maui, Hawaiʻi. Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

    10. Tatra Mountains, Poland. PC: Photo by Katarzyna Pe on Unsplash

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