‘Stressed’ Manchester Airport Border Force worker got drunk on wine and crashed her sports car

A Manchester Airport Border Force worker who got drunk on wine before crashing her sports car told a court she was stressed because of her heavy workload.

Raquel Micklewright, 49, ploughed into a parked vehicle and scraped another as she ventured out to get a takeaway.

Witnesses saw her crash her Mazda MX5 convertible before getting out to walk the rest of the journey home.

She saw officers and attempted to run away, but stopped.

A breath test showed she was more than twice the drink drive limit.

Micklewright, from Ollerton in Cheshire , initially told police she wasn’t the driver of the car.

She later said she was walking home to get insurance documents.

Micklewright, who works as a ‘forensic document specialist’ on the immigration desk at Manchester Airport , admitted drink driving at Stockport Magistrates’ Court.

She was disqualified from driving for 20 months.

The court heard the crash happened on September 7 after Micklewright had arrived home from her shift at the airport.

Prosecutor Victoria Norman, said: “The incident happened at approximately 10.40pm when the defendant’s car, a blue Mazda MX5, collided with two parked vehicles and then started to drive away.

”The car then stopped and the driver got out and walked off and it was then she was identified by witnesses as being the defendant.

“Witnesses reported hearing a bang and then seeing the defendant drive away. They were telling her to stop and she eventually did a bit further down the road.

“The police attended the scene and they saw her walking away. The police officer shouted at her to stop and, at first, she attempted to run away but she did eventually stop. She was given a breathalyser test and was taken into custody.

Raquel Micklewright

”She initially told the police that she was not driving. In terms of her record, she is of previous good character.”

The breath test showed Micklewright had 80 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35mg.

In mitigation, defence lawyer Miss Taryn Reay said: “In terms of the comment about being the driver my client meant to say that she was not driving away – rather than she was not driving at all.

“She has hit a parked car and then reversed and scraped her car on another. She had intended to walk home and get the insurance details.

“She had been awake since 3am that day. She works for Border Control [Border Force] at Manchester Airport as a forensic document specialist and she is one of only two people to hold this role.

“She did make her line manager aware that she was stressed because her workload was very high.

“When she got in from work that day, she had a couple of glasses of wine and she foolishly went out to get some food.

”She had bottled things up for some time and unfortunately it had come to this. She is very ashamed and regretful for what she has done.

“She is currently going through divorce proceedings with her husband who lives in India. Her Mum told her to go to the GP who has suggested to her to take time off work sick, and she currently is off work.

“She doesn’t drink every day, she drinks more excessively on days when she is not working. On this occasion, it was on her final day of work before going on annual leave.

“This is her first appearance before the court. She understands that she will temporarily lose her licence today and she has said that she is willing to do a drink driving course.”

Micklewright was also fined £450 and made to pay court costs of £168.

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