Stormwater Maui offering educational activities for keiki at Maui Ocean Center

Children can learn how stormwater affects the ocean during educational programs at the Maui Ocean Center on March 18 and July 15. Photo Courtesy: Stormwater Maui

Stormwater Maui is a state program dedicated to raising awareness about protecting Maui’s environment by preventing common pollutants – such as trash, pet waste, and lawn and garden products – from contaminating the island’s stormwater that flows to the ocean and other water bodies.

On March 18 and July 15, Stormwater Maui will offer educational activities for children at Maui Ocean Center from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Keiki will be able to get hands-on with educational models of a coastal watershed and the storm drain system. The models are designed to mimic rainfall and stormwater flow and help students visualize how pollutants can flow from various sources on land and out to the ocean. Children also can learn to prevent pollution generated by our everyday actions and win fun prizes for participating.

Stormwater Maui is a program of the State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation Highways Division – Maui District (HWY-M).

“Our stormwater models and educational activities have proven to be very popular, and we’ve gotten great feedback from families about how much they enjoyed and learned from the experience,” said HWY-M program manager Ty Fukuroku.

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Stormwater Maui will be presenting its keiki activities at Maui Ocean Center’s Discovery Plaza. The program is complimentary with general admission tickets to Maui Ocean Center. All children must be accompanied by an adult. 

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