Steps to an effective social media marketing plan for small business

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While traditional means of advertising and marketing products and services are still as effective as ever, social media marketing continues to dominate the marketing and sales plans of most companies. These days, companies prefer social media marketing for a lot of reasons—besides being affordable, it gives businesses opportunity to reach out to more people faster.

Naturally, every business has a plan—a plan that involves getting their products, services, and brands in front of as many people as possible. However, not all plans are effective—expected returns on investments are nothing to write home about. Some social media marketing managers miss the point—they don’t follow through their plans because they started on the wrong footing.

The road to a successful social media marketing campaign is not really as easy as it seems. Good thing is that it is the start of a new year, and you can still have a successful and effective social media marketing plan that will produce the desired result at the end of the year.

To get you started, here are some of the steps you can take to effectively run your social media marketing campaign in 2019 and beyond:

Start with a platform that is right for you

Start by choosing the platform that is best suited to your needs. While there are tons of social media platforms to choose from, the truth is that not all of them will suit your marketing campaign. While Facebook is getting all the knocks from critics these days, it still remains the social media website for millennials. Let your choice be influenced or inspired by stats in regard to what you already have in your business plans.

Understand your audience and where to find them

Every social media marketing manager must have one thing in mind—their target audience. Snapchat for instance, is the home for teens, and if your campaign is focused essentially on people below 19, then you might want to focus on this platform. First things first, compile a data on your customers, and narrow your choice of a social media platform down to the ones that will best serve your needs.

Embrace stats

No one runs an effective social media marketing campaign on vague and imaginary figures these days—and in 2019, many businesses will only survive on stats. The good thing is that there are many tools and instruments to call on when it comes to building your social media marketing campaign on statistics. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn provide live stats on their dashboards to help businesses take informed decision.

Build and retain relationships

This is the most challenging of the tasks in many social media marketing plans. Building a relationship with your audience is sometimes so slow that it can be frustrating, but never give up. Slowly, but surely you will begin to earn the trust and confidence of your customers—and when you do so, try even harder to retain it.

Keep track of your performance

Keep track of your performances—never be scared to restructure a fault marketing plan if it seems like things are not working as planned. It is 2019, and this is the best time to look back at how things went in 2018.

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