Sports Spotlight: Tyler Reisenauer

DICKINSON, N.D. – It’s one of the top golfing destinations in the world, and Dickinson’s Tyler Reisenauer will be playing Pebble Beach.

It’s almost like Tyler Reisenauer stumbled upon it.

“I started when I was 11. I really don’t know how I started, to be honest with you,” said Reisenauer.

But being on the golf course, just felt right.

“I really enjoyed being out here with my friends, doing something that’s challenging, I would say.” said Reisenauer.

We fast-forward to now, and Tyler is still playing golf and works at Titan Machinery as a sales manager.

“I have been an amateur for quite some time. And the thing is, with my schedule, with obviously having a different career, of course with golf, doesn’t really give me too much time to practice too much,” said Reisenauer. “It’s a challenge, balancing my work schedule and golf schedule.”

The next big thing on his agenda is to prepare for the biggest test in his golfing career: the US Amateur Open at Pebble Beach.

“So what really happened is my Caddy, we were looking at the schedule, and I’ve been playing more golf than I usually have in the summertime, and we’re like, ‘hey, I’ve never been to Pebble, you’ve never been to Pebble, let’s just go try to qualify.’ It was a spur of the moment deal, I signed up, and I guess here we are.”

Reisenauer secured his spot in the amateur open by winning the qualifier in Fargo. All of his hard work on the course, balancing his work life and family, plus now being able to represent his state on the biggest stage, is special.

“I think I will be the only North Dakota representative, and that’s an honor in itself, representing North Dakota, representing the community of Dickinson, and the support that’s behind me, it’s pretty tremendous. You know I think for me at this point, and how much I do golf, this does take the cake, for sure. I got to go back to work on Monday, regardless of what happens out there. So, I mean, realistically, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and my family because I want them to enjoy it just as much as I’m going to enjoy it,” said Reisenauer.

Reisenauer will savor every moment at Pebble Beach as he leaves on August 10.

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