Sports Show – Should Kids Get Participation Awards?

This week on the Sports Show we discuss whether or not kids should get participation awards.

On The Show

Do you think kids should get a participation award or trophy? What age should they stop getting them? Let us know in the comment section below.

Here is what some of our viewer’s thoughts on the topic:
Tom WilliamsonNo. I coach rugby in South Wales. We only give Medals to the ones that deserve them, to make the others try harder next time.
Nicole MarieNope. You need to teach kids there’s a winner and a loser and it’s okay to be on both sides. Why should gets not get the praise they deserve for winning?
Tony YpsilantiHard to say. Whatever encourages kids to keep trying, without allowing them to be satisfied with mediocrity.
Raul J. Ortega No, it doesn’t translate into how the real world works. I understand that most of these concepts are pretty broad for the young ones but you do not want to set them up for failure. Main job as a parent.

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